Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 17

A Piece of the Action

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After the opening drive-by shooting McCoy barely looks at the gangster who has been shot, but declares him "dead." Submachine guns are notoriously innaccurate, and there is a chance the man only was hit by one or two bullets. One would think McCoy would at least give the man a cursory look, before making such a final pronouncement.

    • Trivia: Each of the gangs wears a distinctive "uniform" in how they dress. Bela's men wear double breasted suits and fedora hats, while Kracko's men wear bow ties, blazers and skimmer hats. One may assume that Teppo's gang wears single breasted suits and homburg hats.

    • Why was the Horizon carrying a book published in 1992, much less somehow leaving it on the planet?

    • This is the first and only time where a ship's phasers are set on a stun setting and used to stun a group of people.

    • Spock says there's no record of such a culture based on a moral inversion. Actually, the culture in the episode "Mirror Mirror" operates on somewhat similar principles, and Kirk & Co. presumably made a record of it and got some info on its background and history before they returned to "their" universe.

    • Originally Oxmyx and his men had trouble with the concept of transporters, but when Spock and McCoy beam down a second time, one of Oxmyx's men says they can't do anything until they're done sparkling. How'd they know this, when they didn't even know what a transporter was the last time?

    • As Oxmyx says "What government?" he uses a solid blue ball as a cue ball when playing pool. Then with his next shot he shoots a striped ball.

    • When they first arrive, Kirk walks over and touches a bench. Then they cut to a close-up and Kirk walks over and touches the bench again.

    • At the joint meeting, when Kirk points a gun at one of the bosses who asks a question, the camera cuts to a close-up and he's holding the gun pointed upward at a 45 degree angle. Then they instantly cut to another shot and the gun is pointing at the boss again.

    • There's a poster in Krako's office that has his rival Oxmyx on it. Except it spells it "Okmyx." Nonetheless, the official name of the character in the Compendium, the Encyclopedia, and most fan sites spell it "Oxmyx."

  • Quotes

    • Kirk: Nobody's gonna put the bag on me anymore!

    • Oxymx: (over the phone) Yeah, I've got a lot of nerve. What are you going to do about it?
      Tepo: (gets transported in) Coming over with my boys and we... (whimpers) Mother!

    • Kirk: You got Krako on ice?
      Scotty: Aye, he's here. Mad enough to chew neutronium, but behaving himself.
      Kirk: Okay, baby. Cool him till I flag you.
      Scotty: Flag me?
      Kirk: (whispers) Keep him until I send for him. (normally) We're going to make some old-style phone calls from this locale, so you locate the man on the other end of the blower and give him a ride to this flop.
      Scotty: What?
      Kirk: (whispers) Find the man at the other end of the phone and transport him to these coordinates. (normally) Can do, sweetheart?
      Scotty: Can do, Captain.

    • Kirk: All right, Spocko, cover him.

    • Kirk: Gentlemen. Gentlemen. This, uh, this card game is a kid's game.
      Tepo: You think so?
      Kirk: Oh, yes. I wouldn't waste my time.
      Tepo: Who's asking you?
      Kirk: On Beta Antares IV, they play a real game. It's a man's game, but a little beyond you. It requires intelligence.
      Tepo: Listen, Kirk, I can play anything you can figure out. Take the cards, big man. Show us how it's played.
      Spock : I'm familiar with the culture on Beta Antares. There aren't games...
      Kirk: Spock. Spock. Of course the cards on Beta Antares IV are different,
      but not too different. The name of the game is called, uh... fizzbin.
      Tepo: Fizzbin?
      Kirk: Fizzbin. It's, uh ... not too difficult. Each player gets six cards, except for the player on the dealer's right, who gets seven.
      Tepo: On the right?
      Kirk: The second card is turned up, except on Tuesdays.
      Tepo: On Tuesday.
      Kirk: Mm-hmm. Oh, look what you got, two jacks. You got a half fizzbin already.
      Tepo: I need another jack.
      Kirk: No. If you got another jack, why, you'd have a sralk.
      Tepo: A sralk?
      Kirk: Yes. You'd be disqualified. You need a king and a deuce, except at night, when you'd need a queen and a 4.
      Tepo: Except at night.
      Kirk: Right. Oh, look at that. You've got another jack! Ha ha ha! How lucky you are! How wonderful for you. If you didn't get another jack, if you'd gotten a king, why, then, you'd get another card, except when it's dark, you'd give it back.
      Tepo: If it were dark on Tuesday.
      Kirk: But what you're after is a royal fizzbin, but the odds in getting a royal fizzbin are astron... Spock, what are the odds in getting a royal fizzbin?
      Spock: I've never computed them.
      Kirk: Well, they're astronomical, believe me. Now, for the last card. We'll call it a kronk. You got that?
      Tepo: What?

    • Scotty: Lieutenant Hadley, check the language banks and find out what a ...
      "heater" is.

    • Spock: I'd advise youse to keep dialing, Oxmyx.

    • Spock: Logic and practical information do not seem to apply here.
      McCoy: You admit that?
      Spock: To deny the facts would be illogical, Doctor.

    • Oxmyx: The most cooperative man in this world is a dead man.

    • Kirk: Now, look, Krako, we're takin' over the whole ball of wax. You cooperate with us, and maybe we'll cut you in for a piece of the action.
      Spock: A miniscule... a very small piece.
      Krako: How much is that?
      Kirk: That's, um... we'll figure it out later.
      Krako: Thought you guys had laws--no interference.
      Kirk: Who's interferin'? We're takin' over. Check?
      Spock: Right.

    • Tough Kid: I'll cut off your head and throw it in your face!

    • McCoy: We're trying to help you, Oxmyx!
      Oxmyx: Nobody helps nobody but himself.
      Spock: Sir, you are employing a double negative.
      Oxmyx: Huh?

    • Kalo: Okay, you three, let's see you petrify.
      Spock: Sir, would you mind explaining that statement, please?

    • Krako: I want to know what happened.
      Scotty: Looks like we put the "bag" on you.
      Krako: I got rights.
      Scotty: You've got nothing. You mind your place, mister, or you'll be wearing concrete galoshes.
      Krako: You mean cement overshoes?
      Scotty: Um... aye.

    • Spock: Must we?
      Kirk: It's faster than walking. Are you afraid of cars?
      Spock: Not at all. It's your driving that alarms me.

    • (after their rough ride in the retro-model car)
      Spock: Captain, you are an excellent starship commander. But as a taxi driver, you leave much to be desired.
      Kirk: It was that bad? (Spock nods)

    • Krako: What do you think, we're stupid?
      Kirk: I don't think you're stupid. I just think your behavior is arrested.
      Krako: I haven't been arrested in my whole life!

    • Oxmyx: You better come back down. Krako's put the bag on your captain.
      Spock: Why would he put a "bag" on our captain?
      Oxmyx: Kidnapped him, ya dope. He'll scrag him, too.
      Spock: If I understand you correctly, that would be a problem.

    • Kirk: Gentlemen, you two have been brooding ever since we returned to the ship.
      Spock: Brooding, Captain?
      Kirk: Brooding, Mr. Spock - a somber emotional state. Do you wish to continue it or discuss it?
      Spock: Captain, I'm neither brooding nor somber.

    • Kid: (to Spock) Where'd you get them ears?

  • Notes

    • The 2006 TVLand version of this episode cuts out the gag of Spock confidently indicating that he'd be able to reach the Enterprise frequency with the radio broadcast equipment and immediately getting an ad for a gun (voiced somewhat obviously by James Doohan). Instead, it cuts directly to the shot of Uhura answering.

    • This episode was revisited in the Original Nintendo system game "Star Trek: 25th Anniversary." In it you approach the planet and are thrown to unknown space. You have to find out where you are, and collect enough Lythum Crystals to get back. it turns out that they destroyed themselves. There's a little time travel and you have to play a game of Fizbin to get the communicator back.

    • The U.S.S. Horizon is of the Daedalus class.

    • Desilu No: 5149-49.

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