Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 17

A Piece of the Action

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1968 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Kirk: Gentlemen. Gentlemen. This, uh, this card game is a kid's game.
      Tepo: You think so?
      Kirk: Oh, yes. I wouldn't waste my time.
      Tepo: Who's asking you?
      Kirk: On Beta Antares IV, they play a real game. It's a man's game, but a little beyond you. It requires intelligence.
      Tepo: Listen, Kirk, I can play anything you can figure out. Take the cards, big man. Show us how it's played.
      Spock : I'm familiar with the culture on Beta Antares. There aren't games...
      Kirk: Spock. Spock. Of course the cards on Beta Antares IV are different,
      but not too different. The name of the game is called, uh... fizzbin.
      Tepo: Fizzbin?
      Kirk: Fizzbin. It's, uh ... not too difficult. Each player gets six cards, except for the player on the dealer's right, who gets seven.
      Tepo: On the right?
      Kirk: The second card is turned up, except on Tuesdays.
      Tepo: On Tuesday.
      Kirk: Mm-hmm. Oh, look what you got, two jacks. You got a half fizzbin already.
      Tepo: I need another jack.
      Kirk: No. If you got another jack, why, you'd have a sralk.
      Tepo: A sralk?
      Kirk: Yes. You'd be disqualified. You need a king and a deuce, except at night, when you'd need a queen and a 4.
      Tepo: Except at night.
      Kirk: Right. Oh, look at that. You've got another jack! Ha ha ha! How lucky you are! How wonderful for you. If you didn't get another jack, if you'd gotten a king, why, then, you'd get another card, except when it's dark, you'd give it back.
      Tepo: If it were dark on Tuesday.
      Kirk: But what you're after is a royal fizzbin, but the odds in getting a royal fizzbin are astron... Spock, what are the odds in getting a royal fizzbin?
      Spock: I've never computed them.
      Kirk: Well, they're astronomical, believe me. Now, for the last card. We'll call it a kronk. You got that?
      Tepo: What?