Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 14

Balance of Terror

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1966 on NBC

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  • A wonderful episode when it first aired and today (remastered)

    I watched the first airing of "Balance of Terror" in 1966 and found it exciting and informative. At the age of 9, I soaked in the future Earth's history (according to the show), about bigots/acceptance, and submarine techniques. I believe I’m accepting of people today because of my Mother and Star Trek. Bigotry has no place in the Federation (or our real life future). Hanging on with every plot turn, the episode had me hanging onto my seat and thinking about the episode for days. Even today watching the re-mastered version, it is exciting and gives one food for thought.

    One could say the show has continuity issues with Star Trek: Enterprise. I prefer to say Star Trek: Enterprise has continuity issues with Star Trek. Nah! Yes, the two shows differ on Federation history, but one should take the original in its own context.

    Actually, Paramount has an opportunity here for another Star Trek show and to match the original show’s history line with the other shows. They could re-do Star Trek (the original) based upon the history as we know it. The franchise needs a "space cowboy" show again. (What does one do about the original storyline and history? Maybe these episodes are from a parallel universe. The first couple of “new” Star Treks could point this out.) Another thought would be picking up the original Star Trek and finishing out its five year mission, though the fans are doing an outstanding job. Stepping on their work would be inappropriate.

    On the issue of bigots and acceptance, Gene Rodenberry was willing to show a future where people accepted each other. In 1966 there were race riots, civil rights fights, churches and conservatives against change. Paramount should take up the banner and continue fighting for acceptance based upon the bigot values of today's society.