Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 25

Bread and Circuses

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1968 on NBC

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  • Kirk takes his pending execution in stride after he learns he'll get to bed a female first

    The summary above is probably the funniest thing about this episode: Kirk peacefully sleeps the afternoon away under armed guard and certain death for himself and his shipmates, following a good meal and a tryst with a designated female which were to allow him "to die like a man." In the meantime, everyone else under his command attempts to do something to escape the dire situation.

    Other than that oddity (which I suppose really doesn't contradict Kirk's billy-goat nature) this episode qualifies as one of the best, and is by far one of my favorites.

    The plot is fast-paced, the action is exciting, and the interaction between Spock and McCoy exemplifies what we've come to love about their clashing natures. My favorite part about this episode is at the very end, when everyone is back onboard the ship, and they're discussing the fact that the native slaves on the planet were worshipping the sun, and the persecution they were willing to endure because of this sun worship, not to mention how primitive sun worship is for that culture. After listening to their conversation, Uhura tells them that they've got it all wrong. The slaves were not talking about the sun in the sky, but rather the Son of God.
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