Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1967 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Spock says "the cat is the most ruthless, the most terrifying, of animals." First of all, does he really think a cat is more ruthless and terrifying then, say, a shark? Second, why does Spock, with his encyclopedic memory, limit himself to Earth animals? Are we really supposed to believe the cat is the most ruthless and terrifying animal in the known galaxy of the future?

    • The Korob and Sylvia alien puppets at the end have obvious wires. The wires are digitally removed in the remastered 2006 version.

    • William Shatner mangles the pronunciation of "telekinesis," putting the emphasis on "tel-a-KEN-a-sis," rather then "tel-a-ka-NEE-sis."

    • When Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down, they're far closer together than the transporter pads on the ship.

    • Despite the fact he had already heard Korob speaking through Jackson, and the three witches use his name, and the trail led past the witches to the castle where Korob lives, Kirk seems surprised that Korob knows his name when they meet face-to-face.

    • When Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy see that Scotty and Sulu have been "brainwashed", Kirk mentions that they are hardly blinking. Spock reminds them that neither did Jackson before he died. However, Spock was not present when Jackson returned to the Enterprise, and it's unlikely anyone would have bothered to tell him.

    • When Korob, Kirk, and Spock are chased back to the dungeon by the giant cat, Korob slams the door shut as though it were made of cardboard. Later, when the door falls, it's heavy enough to crush him.

    • Spock seems completely unaware of the Earth custom of Halloween. Yet, later in the episode, he explains wizards and their "familiars." Also, it seems unlikely that Spock wouldn't have known about Halloween considering his extensive study of humans and their customs.

    • The skeleton next to McCoy in the dungeon has a seam on its skull where it had been sawn open. This seam is typical for medical skeletons.

    • After Korob fails to get information, he tells Scott and Sulu to take them out. They escort Spock and Kirk over to the door past McCoy, but don't stop (apparently DeForrest missed his cue). Obligingly, McCoy gets behind the two mesmerized crewmen and starts walking.

    • Kirk comments that they can easily make gems and dismisses Korob's bribe. In "Arena" he finds some diamonds and described them as being a vast fortune.

    • It's not totally impossible, but DeSalle was a biologist with a gold shirt in his last appearance ("This Side of Paradise"). In this episode he wears a red shirt and is an assistant chief engineer.

    • When Sylvia the giant cat attacks, Korob tries to stop her. The door falls and he's sticking out the side - in the next shot he's sticking out the top of the fallen door.

    • After Korob summons the table, food, and decorations, in a closeup of his face the candles and centerpiece behind him are missing.

  • Quotes

    • Kirk: (to Spock, after being threatened in verse by floating witches) Spock, comment?
      Spock: Very bad poetry, Captain.
      Kirk: A more useful comment, Mr. Spock?
      Spock: What we've just seen is not real.
      Kirk: That's useful.

    • Kirk: If we weren't missing two officers--and a third one dead--I'd say someone was playing an elaborate trick or treat.
      Spock: Trick or treat, Captain?
      Kirk: Yes, Mr. Spock. You'd be a natural. I'll explain it to you one day.

    • Spock: There are ancient Earth legends about wizards and their familiars.
      McCoy: Familiars?
      Spock: Demons in animal forms, sent by Satan to serve the wizard.
      Kirk: Superstition.
      Spock: I do not create the legend, Captain. I merely report it.
      Korob: You are the, uh ... different one, Mr. Spock. You do not think like the others. There are no colors to your patterns of logic. There's only black and white. You see all this around you, yet you do not believe.
      McCoy: He doesn't know about trick or treat.
      Korob: I do not understand that reference, therefore it also is of no importance.

    • Sylvia: You like to think of yourselves as complex creatures, but you're flawed. One gains admittance to your minds through many levels. You have too many to keep track of yourselves. There are unguarded entrances to any human mind.

    • DeSalle: But it's real. And if it's real it can be affected... we may not be able to break it, but, I'll bet you credits to Navy Beans we can put a dent in it.

    • Spock: The cat is the most ruthless, most terrifying of animals. As far back as the sabertooth tiger.

    • Korob: Where did your race get this ridiculous predilection for resistance. You examine any object; you question everything.

  • Notes

    • George Takei appears but has no dialogue.

    • This episode was originally broadcast to coincide with Halloween. The 2006 remastered version was also released the weekend before Halloween.

    • Sylvia and Korob's sounds when shown in their true forms are recycled from the crewwoman-turned-lizard in the episode "Charlie X."

    • James Doohan lost his right middle finger during WWII. Most of his scenes are shot to hide it. However, it is very noticeable in this episode. Scotty is hypnotized and holding a phaser pistol on Kirk & Spock in Korob & Sylvia's dining hall. When Scotty is in the shot, only two fingers are holding the butt of the phaser.

    • This episode is the first episode of Season 2 in production order. In that respect, it is the first Chekov episode.

    • Desilu No: 5149-30.

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