Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 2

Charlie X

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1966 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Charlie arrives on the Enterprise, Kirk instructs Yeoman Rand to show him to his quarters. Then later, he is in Sickbay and McCoy says that he will show Charlie to his quarters, which Rand should have already done.

    • Trivia: We learn that Thanksgiving is still practiced in the 2260s.

    • Spock blinks when he is frozen by Charlie.

    • As this is an early episode, established characteristics are a bit off. When Spock plays his lyre so that Uhura may sing, he can be seen smiling. Spock is a Vulcan. Since Vulcans don't express their emotions, he shouldn't be smiling.

    • Charlie is being examined by Bones, but when we cut to a close-up on the display screen, we see a reflection of Charlie standing up staring at something off camera.

    • When Spock was saying poems on the bridge, the Space sensor array wasn't spinning.

    • When Charlie enters Rand's quarters later in the episode, she is wearing lingerie. Then she backs up and hits the switch on the viewscreen. But...she apparently turns it off (the red light was on, and she turns it off). So...she was broadcasting herself on the viewscreen? And despite the fact she turns the screen off, Kirk and Spock overhear her and Charlie.

    • When Charlie leaves Rand's quarters, the doors don't quite open - they stick out about 6 inches.

    • Kirk first says the Antares is a cargo vessel, but after it explodes he calls it a science probe vessel.

    • Yeoman Rand said that Recreation Room 6 was on deck 3. Deck 3 is the physics level.

    • When Kirk steps into the turbolift with Charlie he has his dress uniform shirt on, but when he exits the elevator on the bridge, he has his day uniform shirt on.

    • When Kirk and Spock rush to Rand's quarters, Charlie's mind flings them against the wall. Walls aren't what they used to be, the 'metal' cracks but when they pan back to Nimoy and Shatner on the floor, the wall is repaired.

    • When Spock plays Charlie in 3-dimensional chess he doesn't even bother to reset the pieces. Of course this really doesn't matter since both actors are obviously just randomly moving pieces whenever we see 3-dimensional chess being played in any episode.

  • Quotes

    • Charlie: Growing up isn't so much. I'm not a man, and I can do anything!

    • Charlie: (to Rand) She's not the same... not like you. She's... she's just a girl. You're... you smell like a girl.

    • Spock: Check.
      Kirk: Checkmate.
      Spock: Your illogical approach to chess does have its advantages on occasion, Captain.
      Kirk: I'd prefer to call it inspired.
      Spock: As you wish.

    • Spock: We are in the hands of an adolescent.

    • Uhura: (singing) Oh, on the starship Enterprise, there's someone who's in Satan's guise, whose devil's ears and devil's eyes could rip your heart from you. At first his look could hypnotize and then his touch could barbarize. His alien love could victimize and rip your heart from you. And that's why female astronauts, oh very female astronauts, wait terrified and overwrought, to find what he will do. Oh fools in space, be wary, be wary, be wary. Fools in space be wary, we know not what he'll do. Now from a planet out in space, there comes a lad not commonplace. A-seeking out his first embrace. He's saving it for you. Oh Charlie's our new darling, our darling, our darling. Charlie's our new darling, we know not what he'll do.

    • Charlie: Do you know about being with somebody? Wanting to be? If I had the whole universe, I'd give it to you, Janice. When I see you, I feel like I'm hungry all over. Do you know how that feels?

    • Kirk: You go slow, be gentle. It's no one-way street -- you know how you feel and that's all. It's how the girl feels too. Don't press. If the girl feels anything for you at all, you'll know.

    • Charlie: (to Spock) Very nice, Mr. Ears

    • Charlie: I wanna stay ... stay ... stay-y-y ... stay-y-y-y...

    • Kirk: Charlie, there are a million things in this universe you can have and there are a million things you can't have. It's no fun facing that, but that's the way things are.
      Charlie: What am I going to do?
      Kirk: Hang on tight and survive. Everybody does.
      Charlie: You don't!
      Kirk: Everybody, Charlie. Me too.

  • Notes

    • At the beginning of the show, Kirk states in his log that they are pulling alongside the Antares, but the 1960s version reuses the opening flying shot of the Enterprise from "The Cage" which doesn't include the Antares. In 2007, when the episode was remastered, the Antares was included, and was based on cargo vessel designs from the Animated Star Trek.

    • During the shooting of this episode, actor Robert Walker (Charlie Evans) never came out of his dressing room to interact with the rest of the cast or crew except to film his scenes, because he felt his character was supposed to appear to act strangely, and be alienated from other people.

    • This episode was based on the very first script accepted from D.C. Fontana, who would go on to become the original series Story Editor, and later pen several episodes in this and other Star Trek series.

    • This episode features a debate between Spock and McCoy regarding the existence of the Thasians, during which Spock implies that McCoy is allowing his emotions to interfere with his objective, scientific thinking. This marks the beginning of the myriad famous arguments between Spock and McCoy, which are one of the landmarks of the Star Trek legend.

    • Robert Walker was actually 26 years old when he played the 17-year-old Charlie Evans.

    • The voice of the chef is supplied by Gene Roddenberry. This is the only episode of any Star Trek series in which he appears and/or lends his voice.

    • The Gym is a redress of the Engineering section.

    • Charlie's brown shirt that he wears is actually a rejected version of the wrap-around shirt that Kirk wears sometimes.

    • The woman that Charlie makes old is one of the few women in the original series that wears black pants instead of a skirt. Dr. Elisabeth Dehner in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" also wears pants.

    • In this episode, the Enterprise has spikes on the front of its nacelles and an extended bridge dome. (Revised to a more standard appearance in the 2007 remastered edition.)

  • Allusions

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