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NBC (ended 1969)

Although not a "famous" Star Trek name, Lou Scheimer played a huge role in keeping the show going between the original Trek and Next Generation. As a co-founder of Filmation, he was one of the men responsible for Star Trek: The Animated Series. Besides producing the series, he voiced three characters on the animated series.

Not only did he keep Trek going until the first movie came out, he also pioneered the concept of first-run syndication programming with He-Man, which later paid off when Next Gen became a big hit in... first-run syndication.

If folks aren't fans of the Animated series, then anyone watching cartoons in the 60s, 70s, and 80s probably heard his voice, as he played roles such as Orko in He-Man, Dumb Donald in Fat Albert, and Bat-Mite in New Adventures of Batman. He composed music for several of the Filmation series.

Filmation later branched into live action (Jason of Star Command, Shazam!, Isis, Ark II), and Mr. Scheimer won a primetime Emmy for "A Fat Albert Christmas," and a daytime Emmy for ST:TAS.

He will be missed.
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