Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 9

Dagger of the Mind

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1966 on NBC

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  • First mind-meld

    (First Vulcan Mind-Meld in Star Trek history between Mr. Spock and Simon Van Gelder.)

    Spock voice over: (ship external view from warp nacelles) Enterprise log. (Spock eyes closed deep in thought.) First Officer Spock, Acting Captain. I must now use an ancient Vulcan technique to probe into Van Gelder\'s tortured mind.
    McCoy: Spock, if there\'s the slightest possibility it might help...
    Spock: I have never used it on a human, Doctor.
    McCoy: If there\'s any way we can look into this man\'s mind to see if what he\'s saying is real or delusion...
    Spock: It\'s a hidden, personal thing to the Vulcan people. Part of our private lives.
    McCoy: Now, look, Spock, Jim Kirk could be in real trouble. Will it work or not?!
    (Spock moves over to Van Gelder\'s bed.)
    Spock: It could be dangerous. Do you understand? It requires I make pressure changes in your nerves, your blood vessels...
    Van Gelder: You must open my mind. Let me warn you, explain to you.
    Spock: This will not affect you, Dr. McCoy. Only the person I touch. It is not hypnosis.
    McCoy: I understand. (Spock holds Van Gelder\'s head with both hands. Spock looks at McCoy. McCoy looks at the bed monitor.) Good. The reading is leveling.
    Spock: You begin to feel a strange euphoria. (Spock, moving to the head of the bed, leans in closer to Van Gelder.) Your body...floats.
    Van Gelder: Yes. I begin to feel it.
    Spock: Open your mind. We move together... our minds sharing the same thoughts.
    (...returning to the scene in the Sick Bay)
    Spock: What is our name? Who are we?
    Van Gelder: We are Simon Van Gelder.
    Spock: Dr. Adams... the neural neutralizer. What did he do to us?
    Van Gelder: He can re-shape any mind he chooses. He used it to erase our memories, put his own thoughts there. He was surprised it took so much power. We fought him, remember? (Spock moves counterclockwise moving still closer to Van Gelder\'s head.) But we grew so tired... our mind so blank, so open, that any thought he placed there became our thoughts. Our mind so empty... like a sponge needing thoughts, begging... empty... Loneliness. So lonely to be sitting there empty. Wanting any word from him. Love...
    Spock: Yes.
    Van Gelder: Hate...
    Spock: Yes.
    Van Gelder: Live...
    Spock: Yes.
    Van Gelder: Die...
    Spock: Yes.
    Van Gelder: Such agony, to be empty.
    Spock: Empty.