Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 13

Elaan of Troyius

Aired Unknown Dec 20, 1968 on NBC

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  • Similar in concept to 2nd. season classic 'Journey to Babel'

    Similarities between this episode and 'Journey to Babel'. 1) Kirk must transport delegates/representatives of civiliations at odds with each other. a) In Journey to Babel (JTB), the delegates are passionately divided over whether or not to admit Coridan to the Federation. b) In Elaan of Troyius (EOT), the Elasians and Troyians are at war. 2) Acts of violence on board the ship mar the journey to the ship's destination. a) In JTB, the Tellarite ambassador angrily lunges out at Sarek during an argument. The ambassador is later found murdered. Attempted murder occurs when the Orion disguised as an Andorian attempts to murder Kirk. b) In EOT, Elaan stabs the Troyian ambassador in a heat of rage. Elaan's bodyguard Kryton strangles Engineer Watson in the Engineering room while performing his sabotage. 3) The Enterprise is stalked by a mysterious vessel. a) In JTB, it is the mysterious high speed vessel cloaked against sensor probes shadowing the Enterprise. b) In EOT, it is the 'sensor ghost' later revealed to be a Klingon ship when the 'ghost' materializes( quite possibly the Klingon ship may have been equipped with the Romulan supplied cloaking device when it appeared as a sensor ghost to the Enterprise's sensors -reference episode 'The Enterprise Incident' in which it is apparent the Klingons and Romulans have exchanged military technology). 4) Acts of covert communication occur from inside the Enterprise to the mysterious vessel. a) In JTB, the Orion spy is in communication with the Orion vessel. b) IN EOT, Kryton uses a Klingon communicator to inform the Klingon vessel that he has sabotaged the Enterprise's warp engines. 5) During battle with the mysterious vessel, the Enterprise suffers a disadvantage in speed. a) In JTB, the Orion vessel is too fast and maneuverable for the Enterprise to score a phaser hit on, moving at speeds of up to Warp 10. b) In EOT, the Enterprise's warp engines are sabotaged with the rigged explosive device, making it impossible for the Enterprise to evade the Klingon ship's fire. 6) During the battle, Kirk has to cope with his own physical condition. a) In JTB, he is coping with the injury from the Orion spy's attack.
    b) In EOT, he is coping with the effects of the Elasian's love tears clouding his concentration. 7) Kirk prevails over the enemy ship with his 'playing possum' strategy. a) In JTB, he shuts down power on the Enterprise to lure the Orion ship into phaser range.
    b) In EOT, he decides not to increase power to the weakened shields so that the Klingon ship will move in closer for the Enterprise to fire on it and disable it.
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