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Could Someone Be Better Than Paramount?

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    I read the threads on ALL the Trek boards, and I've seen a trend.

    When talking about the franchise itself, posters seem to...well..."dislike" Brannon Braga and Rick Berman.

    Also, some talk of Paramount mis-managing the franchise has been posted.

    I've come up with a solution. I believe that SOMEONE should buy the Trek rights from Paramount, and set the franchise back on track.

    I think MGM might be a good choice (then again, I, personally, feel that ANYBODY could do better than Paramount).

    Any other ideas about which studio could run with Trek?

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    My feeling would be Warner. I don't really hold much hope for MGM given the shaky ground they have been on for the past 5 years, not to mention losing the Bond franchise to Sony. MGM has shown more care towards Sci-Fi, true, and most of their sci-fi catalog is owned by Warner. Their track record isn't too shaky with sci-fi either, with movies like "Blade Runner". I also would like to see Strazcynski from Babylon 5 brought in to do Trek, as he has expressed desire to do so. I would not want Sony getting a hold of it. They've dumbed down Spider-Man and other Marvel characters so bad it's not even funny, can't see them handling a serious thing like Trek. And I definitely wouldn't want Fox. Honestly, they haven't done any good science-fiction since "Alien Nation" -- I don't count the X-Files because that is more supernatural/suspense. Considering the swill that makes up 99 percent of their programming, especially in lame sex-comedies, hack news, and reality shows, they would ruin Trek worse than Berman ever could. Look at how much they've already lamed-out with on their one cash cow, the Simpsons, and you can see my point.
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