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Editorial & poll:The new Star Trek Movie: Love or hate the idea?

What are your feelings on the upcoming movie?

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    [1]Jun 25, 2008
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    Okay, this will be a long one, so brace yourselves. I decided that this should be a blog once I was halfway through with it, but I can't copy and paste, and don't want to loose what I've written so bare with me here.

    I' ve been kind of using the philosophy of just going with this re-imagining, which WILL happen no matter what we think. But the more i hear about it, the more I feel I am going to walk into the theater with a very bad attitude...which I do not like doing. As most of you probably know, JJ Abrams... a fantastic writer and creator of shows such as Alias and Lost, has filmed the new Star trek movie, which will be in post-production for a while, and will be released early next year. Using the characters of the original series, who are played by young actors.. it is a story depicting snippetts of their life histories prior to their service on the Enterprise...all leading to ( and including) their first mission together on the ship. Nice idea, right? All fine and good.

    However, When I heard about this, though at first sceptical..I thought it was a one shot idea. It is nothing of the kind. If the film is successful, it will mean least a trilogy. The following films will take place during the five year mission depicted during the original series. Okay, not crazy about that one at all! It gets worse.

    I just read an interview with Ron Moore, an awesome writer who actually contibuted a great deal to the Star Trek universe by being a prolific writer on the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. Through him and his fellow writers, Moore added so much depth and so many wonderful layers, races, and story-archs to the trek universe...always doing research on past trek stories, and always being faithful to what had come before.

    In recent years, Moore and his current writing partner , David Eiek, (don't know if I spelled that right, sorry David) have been responsible for the creation and writing for what has got to be the best show on televison today, Battlestar Galactica. BSG, is itself a re-imaganing of a short lived 1978 Sci-fi show, which...depite it's cancellation has always had a serious cult following. Moore's re-imaganing in 2003 was very controversial, and caused a lot of arguments among fans. There is a rift between fans of both which still exists today. However, open minded fans who gave the new show a chance, have been richly rewarded for the experience, and most agree that the current show is a fantastic piece of entertainment which outstrips it's predecessor in almost every way.

    In case, by saying that..I am ruffling the feathers of any fans of the original...let me say that I was a huge fan of the original, it still holds a place in my heart, and I still watch the original series to this day.

    So,'s the point... Ron More stated in this recent interview that he loves the idea of re-imagining Star Trek. To make his point, he stated that, as a former Trek writer, and after participating in 3 Star trek series...that it was a very difficult, almost impossible task keeping up with all of the established history of the trek universe...that the whole of the Trek continuity had become so dense, and thick..that making sure the continuity was left intact while writing new stories was too much work, took all the fun out of writing, and left almost no room for creativity for the writer.

    He concluded this point... starting off with " A CLEAN SLATE", would be the best thing for the Star Trek universe.

    Look, this is not Battlestar Galactica. This is Star Trek. Possibly the greatest continuing Science Fiction universe ever created. Part of the joy and uniqueness for the fans IS that it has such a rich continuity and history. That should not just be "wiped clean" just for the convinience of writers. Nor do I think that this continuity impedes creativity. On the contrary, I think it should force the writers to BECOME more creative.

    Moore's comments are actually the words of an outsider, looking they should not be treated as actual gospel. But he did make it sound like he had an inside track into what was going on, and this bothers me.

    JJ Abrams has stated that he has nothing but the deepest respect for the Star Trek cannon, and that nothing he does will violate what has come before. That is encouraging, but what will happen when the dollars start rolling in? Money talks in todays society.

    If the writers consider it too much work to keep up with, and honor Star Trek's continuity, then with all due should be left alone. Speaking for the fans, we currently have 6 television series and 10 movies...plenty of hours of quality stories to enjoy and re-enjoy in the coming years. I would love to see the franchise contiue, but only if done the right way. We don't really have a NEED for more Trek at this point. Indeed, I personally feel that Enterprise premiered at a time when everybody had grown a little tired of Star trek, and it was in serious need of a vacation, which is why it didn't last.

    If it is to be revived, I would rather it not be destroyed in the process, leaving an ill memory for the fans, and a very bad taste in the mouth.

    I WILL be there next year, in the theater like everybody else will, just to see what is to become of Star trek...because i feel that this movie, one way or another, will be the deciding factor for Star Trek. It's just that i would rather go to watch a fun movie, rather than participate in a trial by jury.

    Thank you, if you have read this far, for your patience. Now I would like to hear some thoughts on this. What do you think?

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    [2]Jul 17, 2008
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    "If it is to be revived, I would rather it not be destroyed in the process, leaving an ill memory for the fans, and a very bad taste in the mouth."

    I agree completely.
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    I am torn. I too was a big fan of the original BSG. I was in total love with Starbuck. Imagine my surprise and dismay to see Starbuck as a woman. I almost refused to watch right there. But . . . I didn't. I watched. I love it. It is awesome. I love the fact that they did not try to make it all like the original. It would have been impossible. A lot of what was so endearing about the original was what the show gave us with the technology (and budget) at the time. So, its the same, and yet different. I'm good with that. It makes me feel better that they didn't ruin the original for me.

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan. Or maybe you didn't notice. Its the same with that. They have stayed true to cannon, but it is so different. I still cannot decide which I like better. I think I am leaning toward the new series. GASP! Honestly, I like them the same, but for different reasons.

    Now, to Star Trek. If it is made well, and how can it not with Abrams at the helm? I think it will be good. I can understand the writer wanting some creativity. Hopefully he was able to do it within the confines of cannon. He need only find a couple of devout trekkies to help keep him in check. There is always room for creativity- you just have to be careful.

    I am going with an open mind. I have found that anticpation is almost always better then the anticipated. In fact, I am going to do a blog on that. I have recently learned to keep the reins on my excitement. I look so forward to things that they usually end up letting me down. So, I have emptied my mind of expectations. I am just going to see the movie with the hopes that I will be entertained.

    So, that was my two cents worth.

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    [4]Sep 14, 2008
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    Will I love it or hate it? no idea til I've seen it.. It might be the best film ever or it might be rubbish... the only way to find out its to watch it for yourself and then decide. You cannot possibly judge a film without seeing it... I'm hearing alot of talk from people who are criticizing it already... i'm not a sheep, i'll mke up my mind for myself when I've watched it.... prepare for the worst but hope for the best!
    give it a chance with an open mind... because if you don't Tek will die!
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    mak1701 wrote:
    prepare for the worst but hope for the best!

    I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to be reasonable on internet forums. Seriously though, that's the best approach to all things in life. Heinlein fan?
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    [6]Mar 29, 2009
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    Well, it's coming out soon, and I thank you for your opinions. Although I'm a little dissapointed more fans didn't post theirs. After seeing the previews, I've come to the conclusion that it's definately made for the younger audience in mind. It definately doesn't look like OUR Star Trek. Just my first impressions based on trailers only. But, I'll see it. If it's good enough, it may very well change my mind.
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    [7]Apr 14, 2009
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    One word: PUMPED!!!
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