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Is TOS sexist by today standards?

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    I've watched almost all of the episodes from the star trek series. Last year i decided to start again with TOS because it's the beginning. What I noticed was that the female characters always had a much lesser role then the man. like the yeoman for example they brought coffee to the bridge and were very serviceable. Then uhura yes she was a member of the cast but she always answered the phone! in very rare occasional she had more to do. Like in a mirror darkly. And some of the guest roles of woman being researchers or scientists and going on missions they always ended up in discussion by kirk or other castmembers about their looks. And then the alien women or androids. Every episode he kissed some barely dressed girl.

    In TNG the roles of women we're greater Dr crusher and Deannatroi. DS9 had jadzia dax and Kira. Voyager was the most progressive with the captain, janeway, being a woman. and engineer b'lanna torres and this might be sexist again seven of nine in a tight uniform for some reason. ENT had t'pol again in tight uniform and hoshi sato.Yes the times changed. Voyager was definitely a style break from the rest of the series but they decided to bring in a good looking woman once more and gave her not much emotions so the audience couldn't blame her for being just eye candy same with t'pol.

    Oh yeah in TOS they talk about equality for all but the women are left behind again but that might have been to progressive in the sixties. I wonder what the reactions would be if janeway ended up doing the same stuff like kirk did.

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    I read an article in a Star Trek fan book years ago called "New Generation, Same Sexism", something like that...and it addressed this very issue, saying that TNG had all the same problems of the original series in this department. Sexism is still rampant in modern just manifests in different ways than it used to.

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