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    I searched high and low for a topic like this in the forum, and maybe it's in the far, far recesses... but if it is, I can't find it. But I think it's a topic that would be a great one to discuss, and trade opinions on.

    So here goes:

    One of the wonderful things about this show is it's little moments. Little events that happen between our beloved characters that are just very dear to us Trek fans. I think one of the main reasons the theatrical release of"The Motion Picture" failed as Star Trek, as opposed to Wrath of Khan, was that it has almost no moments. Most were in subsequent cuts of the film.. but still.. very few. Wrath of Khan, however.. was filled with them.

    Example: Spock's death scene. Kirk rushes to the glass wall of the chamber where Spock lies... calls to him.. and Spock slowly gets up. When he does so, and before he goes ..(painfully) to Kirk.. he straightens his uniform. You could tell who the Trekkers were in the audience... the laughed a little. Others in the audience didn't understand... he's dying.. why would we laugh?

    Think about it. The man's in excruciating.. unbearable pain, blind, dying... can barely stand, let alone walk... and HE STRAIGHTEN'S HIS UNIFORM!!! That's so....Spock!

    And WE realize this. THEY haven't got a clue. It's a moment.. and just for us.. and a dying gesture of respect to his best friend and commanding officer.

    The series was filled with such moments.. most of them illiciting a special feeling about these characters and this world that we have grown to love so much. Some funny, some touching, some sad, some just familliar. And it's just for us... something non-fans will never get.

    So what is your favorite Star Trek moment?

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    I thought the last scene in TOS episode 'Requiem for Methuselah' was really touching and gave the episode a more realistic and 'down-to-earth' end. Spock making Kirk forget his pain over Rayna really did show the strong affection that Spock clearly holds for Kirk, his Captain and friend. It was a fitting ending to a great episode - a really special moment.

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    Rainbowchild's response is themoment of which I thought, too. Something else that springs to mind is in Bread and Circuses when Spock and McCoy are behind bars, and McCoy tries to thank him for saving his life.

    Oh, and in Patterns of Force when Spock is standing on Kirk's battered back, and calmly and logically taking his time in trying to find out why he'd aim for such a structure as the broadside of a barn.

    One more: In Journey to Babel after Spock's mother visits him and delivers a's the emotional beating Spock takes which hurts most. And after she leaves, Spock stops and "checks himself" before he exits. That gesture always made me want to reach through the tv screen and give him a big old hug

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