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    Though "How William Shatner Changed the World" starts out as an examination of how the original Star Trek series influenced many scientists and inventors, it turns into a final look at the history of the Star Trek franchise in its 2nd hour. As each successive series took on a more pessimistic view of technology, Shatner notes that the ratings went down. There are many reasons why ratings went down for Star Trek shows, including the fact that there may have been too much Star Trek, but it's an interesting theory nonetheless. (I don't claim to believe that this is purely Shatner speaking. He's not really one for critical analysis of popular culture. He's more of an entertainer and comedian.)

    The special has interviews with inventors/engineers/scientists like Marc Rayman (NASA chief engineer of deep space missions at JPL), Martin Cooper (one of the team leaders of the group at Motorola that created the 1st portable cell phone) and Dr. John Adler (Stanford University medical school professor, neurosurgeon and creator of the Cyberknife, a robotic laser device that destroys tumors without the need for incisions). Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Jonathan Frakes and Kate Mulgrew also appear in interviews. The show is lighthearted in tone. Shatner films some segments at the same location where the famous fight sequence from "Arena" (an episode of the original series) was filmed. In that episode, Kirk is stranded on a planet with the Gorn, the giant lizard creature, with whom he must battle to the death.

    Star Trek fans will find the special highly entertaining, even if it drags a little toward the end. Behind the humor there is a little bit of sadness over the death of the Star Trek franchise, so this could almost be considered an unofficial eulogy for Star Trek.

    In case you missed it, it repeats at midnight tonight, on Thursday at 8 pm and on Saturday at 5 pm, on The History Channel.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, will check this out.
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