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I think the overhaul of the original Star Trek is . . .

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    123home123 wrote:
    I saw the episode with the space hippies on their search for "Eden." It was a pretty corny episode. Perhaps it played better back in the late 60s

    No, it never played well!

    Well, it's been some time now, but...I missed the remastered "Where No Man Has Gone Before" when it first aired, but caught it on repeat. The scene where they traverse the 'Galactic energy barrier' certainly had lovely detail, but the whole energy field seemed "static", like just a tranquil nebula, unlike the original effects sequence, that gave a much better feeling that it was "energy-charged"; so, a disappointment.

    I spoke earlier of the hope that "The Enterprise Incident" would rectify the use of "Klingon" ships as "Romulan", which had been done originally ONLY because they no longer had the original Romulan ship model, but did have a new "Klingon" model. Alas, they did not do that, but at least they DID have ONE of the 'surrounding' Romulan ships be the "old style", AND made it easy to see that the "Klingon"-styled ones were "painted with a giant bird of prey" as all Romulan ships were supposed to be!

    One other thing -- the schedule had indicated that "The Cage" would be remastered, but it never aired!

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    HMM maybe
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