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    [1]May 19, 2006
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    Ugh.  Can't do any better than this feeble attempt at humor, let alone the junk they are pushing on their site?  Isn't it enough that it's an unfunny strip; but do we have to be subjected to ads in just about every article with them trying to hawk t-shirts with that on them, too?  They remind me of those horrible cartoons I get in my mails from them, which I usually delete when I see the subject line telling me "Here's the latest knee-slapper"  or "Here's a real rib-tckler" -- really bland corporate "family values" drivel.  Don't be surprised to see them try to collect them as a book next, one that will wind up being a door-stop or something to steady a faulty desk/table leg with, after some poor misguided non-Trek fan buys it for a gift for a Trekker, thinking they are making them happy. 

    It's really sad when you see Paramount can't even get mechandise, let alone shows right, please!

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