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Which of these three 23rd Century storylines...

The 23rd Century most likely to happen? Please think realistically about this.

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    do you think will most likely happen, and the choices are:

    1.  Star Trek (in which intersteller flight with faster-than-light travel is fully established).

    2.  Logan's Run (the movie not the book, in which the Earth is in ruins except for one known domed-city, and no space travel).  And

    3.  Imperial Earth ( a novel by Arthur C. Clarke about a guy Duncan MacKenzie?  who lives on Saturn's moon Titan and comes to Earth in a slow moving spaceship, it takes something like two weeks for the travel, so there is still no going outside the solar-system).

    Star Trek would be the coolest and I'd hate for it to end-up like Logan's Run, but I believe that Imperial Earth is the most realistic since I don't know if faster-than-light travel is possible without any help such as worm-holes either natural or artificial (if you can make them, that is), bending space, or whatever (tachyons or anti-matter use). 

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