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Will humans ever step foot on a planet outside of our own solar-system?!!

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    Will intersteller space-travel ever be possible or even feasible? Given the fact that nothing unaided can even approach the speed-of-light or surpass it (you start to either shrink or stretch, I forget which, once you go 80% light-speed), how would it be possible without some form of traveling through worm-holes, or using a string-theory method, etc. (forget black-holes, those will just kill you).

    Therefore I'm deeply sadden to have to say to you that I personally believe (even though I'm a HUGE Star Trek:TOS and TNG fan) that unless some form of solution to the problem of faster-than-light speed can be found, we're DOOMED to remain in our own solar-system until the END-OF-TIME (unmanned space-craft not included). Do you think instead we'll have to settle for half-light to three-quarter-light speed multi-generational ships? THAT WOULD SUCK!!!


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    I may be wrong, but from what I understand even as we approach the close to the speed of light, length contraction effects (and thus time dilation) are only visible to an outside observer, in a different inertial reference frame. Whether or not a human body could withstand such speeds though I have no idea. Still, even without limiting ourself to 'safe' speeds, we could reach another solar system in under 5 years; and possibly a habitable planet (or even construction of a space station if no habitable planets can be found) in less then 50. It may not be what us trek fans would consider ideal, but it hardly dooms us to our solar system.

    If you are interested, you should check out a book called "The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy-In 8 Easy Steps" by Marshall T. Savage:

    I'm not saying his ideas are necessarily workable, but they are interesting.


    PS: By the time the "End of Time" comes, if the universe is contracting, those other solar systems will become closer then you think! What form humans will be in (if any) however....

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