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    [1]Mar 28, 2006
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    Now that we've seen the best, what are the ones you'd rather forget?

    Bottom 10

    (with equal dislike for all)

    And The Children Shall Lead - TOS
    Spock's Brain - TOS
    His Way - DS9
    Q-Pid - TNG
    Badda Bing, Badda Bing - DS9
    Fair Haven - VOY
    The Game - TNG
    Night Terrors - TNG
    Threshold - VOY
    Man Of The People - TNG

    Dishonorable Mentions

    The Empath - TOS
    North Star - ENT
    The Perfect Mate - TNG
    The Mark Of Gideon - TOS
    Looking For Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places - DS9
    The Outcast - TNG
    Relics - TNG
    Home Soil - TNG
    Lonely Among Us - TNG
    Any Xindi-centered Episode - ENT
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    [2]Mar 28, 2006
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    Oh, wow, where to begin? Most episodes fall into a happy middle ground, with a scant few being outstanding. But there are FAR more horrible episodes than good ones.

    Let me start with a disclaimer: I've seen just about every episode of DS9, but VERY few have struck me one way or the other. With very few exceptions, nearly ALL of them are "average", in my view.

    Voyager is a series that I was against from the start. I only watched it back when it started out of a warped sense of "Trek Duty". Later on, a flood of fun episodes made it perhaps my favorite series, but I came REAL close to giving up on it early. The #1 episode on my list is a HUGE reason VGR almost made it to my "Trek Trash Can".

    Enterprise wasn't so lucky. I gave it every chance, but there was simply NO light at the end of the tunnel. I can't include ENT episodes on this list, because they are ALL garbage, as far as I'm concerned.

    With that out of the way, here goes:

    Unranked (they suck, but not quite enough to get into the lower echelon):

    TOS "Assignment: Earth"
    TNG "The Price"
    VGR "Heroes and Demons"
    TNG "The Bonding"
    TOS "The Immunity Syndrome"
    TNG "The Game"
    VGR "Favorite Son"
    TNG "Man of the People"
    TOS "Turnabout Intruder"
    TNG "Justice"

    And the WORST of All Time:

    #10) TNG "The Quality of Life" (the Exocomps are alive! Please)
    #9) DS9 "The Forsaken" - I've seen enough of lecherous Lwaxana
    #8. TNG "Code of Honor" - Yar with a Rambo headband for mortal combat with jealous wife. GAG!
    #7) TOS "Spock's Brain" - just the title ALONE screams "stupid episode". I should have heard the scream.
    #6) TNG "Force of Nature"- you're going too fast; you're destroying the subspace "environment". Cry me a river.
    #5) TNG "Qpid" - what, no Bryan Adams soundtrack?
    #4) TNG "Final Mission" - could be called "Wesley Gets Water". Like "Curious George Rides a Bike"? I already hate Wesley; this just made it worse.
    #3) TOS "The Paradise Syndrome" - where were the pilgrims? My WORST original series episode.
    #2) TNG "The Dauphin" -Wesley in love with shape-changing wildebeest. WHAT?!

    and the WORST EVER:

    #1) VGR "Tuvix"
    THIS one actually angered me. The whole "fusion" concept (even as far as the name!) was a DIRECT ripoff of DragonBall Z. If Trek is reduced to ripping off CARTOONS, there are many better aspects of DBZ to steal than "fusion". I kept expecting to see the Grand Kai in this episode, for crying out loud.

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's "most hated"!
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    [3]Mar 29, 2006
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    I agree with you in your assessment that there have been far more horrible episodes (especially under Vermin's watch - TOS had it's share of bad eps but the good far outweighed them) of Trek than what could be considered truly outstanding.
    By contrast, rather than DS9, I found most Voyager episodes to be about average. Enterprise was truly wretched, though there was a brief spark of hope when Manny Coto came in, with 4th season but it was too late then. The Mirror-Universe 2 parter was my favorite of the whole series, though I truly hated the ending - Empress Hoshi? Give me a break. Next Gen for the most part was pretty average, bordering on mediocre.
    There were far more episodes I could've put on this list for myself, but I had to cut it off somewhere. Which reinforces what your assessment was. In addition to that, I would like to add that bad episodes under Vermin's watch usually followed certain trends, ones we grew to despise.
    These trends include:

    Romantic-themed episodes -

    Whenever we had them, we had characters acting out of character/making total asses of themselves. Ones that I despise as well as others on my list fall in that category. Examples include:
    In Theory (TNG)
    Captain's Holiday (TNG)
    Booby Trap (TNG)
    Man Of The People (TNG)
    Q-Pid (TNG)
    His Way (DS9)
    The Disease (VOY)
    Someone To Watch Over Me (VOY)
    Any time Janeway's holographic stud came on
    Kira's love scenes, ALL of them sappy
    Fusion (ENT)
    Oasis (ENT)
    Two Days And Two Nights (ENT)

    Exploring Humanity, If You Are Non-Human/Half-Human -

    Nothing could be more annoying than watching someone/thing ape human behavior, and over-act in the process; episodes include:
    In Theory (TNG) (two bad plot ideas for price of one horrible episode)
    Imaginary Friend (TNG)
    DataLore (TNG)
    The Darkling (VOY)
    Alice (VOY) (because Christine would get them sued)
    Virtuoso (VOY) (Luciano Hologotti? Shut up!)
    Someone To Watch Over Me (VOY) (yep, rearing it's ugly head again)
    Barge Of The Dead (VOY)
    Spirit Folk (VOY)
    Human Error (VOY)
    Real Life (VOY)
    Fusion (ENT) (yet again)

    Having A Hobby

    We had to have someone on board that seemed to need to endanger/embarass themselves and/or crew with dumb obsessions. Some truly pathetic attempts at recreating Scotty include:
    Alice (VOY) (Yes, another two-fer)
    Any ep. of Tom Paris and Captain Proton/holographic muscle-cars
    Explorers (DS9)
    The Game (TNG)
    Extreme Risk (VOY)
    A Fistful Of Datas (TNG)
    ANY Fair Haven episode (VOY)
    A Night In Sickbay (ENT) (Captain of a starship staying up all night and shirking responsibility of being alert for a sick puppy? PLEASE)

    Any other topic ideas? I know of a few; but would like to see other people's most irritating cliches as well as eps.
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    [4]Apr 4, 2006
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    I have to say that I have more than thoroughly enjoyed this thread thus far. Unfortunately I have only seen the full 7 seven seasons of TNG and around 95 apisodes of Voyager, so I cannot perticipate to the same exent. I will comment as often as possible, as this is one of my favorite Trek subjects.

    Possible categories include bad...

    ... time travel eps.
    ... first contact eps.
    ... obvious discontinuity eps. (Lobo, you should love that one with ENT)
    ... "turbolift" episodes (I believe it was referred to as an elevator in TOS)

    I love to know what you guys think, so keep em comin!
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    [5]Apr 6, 2006
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    Another topic I can think of, though it mainly pertains to NG, is bad 2-part episodes.
    Examples of this include:
    "Redemption I & II," with Sela (no further explanation needed) and a scene with the Romulan fleet that almost reminded me of the movie "Convoy."
    "Time's Arrow I & II," where we are treated to the otherwise brilliant Jerry Hardin giving a horrible Samuel Clemens impersonation, and time-travelers that use snake-headed canes (Doctor Who must've been sick that day) - made me think, especially when the annoying bum stereotype was bumped off, of the movie "From Beyond," was expecting him to start screaming "The snake man, the snake man."
    "Birthright I & II," where we have a flat Kurosawa-knockoff with Worf trying to rally some really annoying village brats, and an equally inane subplot with Data having father issues.

    Any other series, examples, please post.
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    [6]Apr 6, 2006
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    Actually, there is ONE episode type that irritates me like no other: the "Let's Cannibalize the Original Series" set.

    Granted, this isn't really an episode "type", but it IS an infuriating trend.

    Just a FEW examples:

    TNG "The Naked Now" - uh, huh. After seeing TOS "The Naked Time" (even the damn TITLE is recycled!), why even BOTHER watching this?

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture - just like TOS "The Changeling", just with a bald woman thrown in.

    TNG "Unnatural Selection" - copy of TOS "The Deadly Years", only with one affected crewmember instead of all of them.

    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - pretty much a rehash of "The Way to Eden", only with a Vulcan instead of a 23rd Century "Manson Family".

    VGR "Blood Fever" and a HOST of others - if I want "Vulcans Gone Wild", I'll just watch TOS "Amok Time".

    computer-stifled societies (*yawn*) in TNG "The Masterpiece Society", TNG "When the Bough Breaks" and COUNTLESS others - this was done to death in TOS "The Return of the Archons", "The Apple", and more. EVERY series seems to have at least two of these kinds of episode.

    There are a TON of others that I can't think of off the top of my head. It's alarming how MANY of these "repeats" they got away with.
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    [7]Apr 7, 2006
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    I also really hated "time travel to current time" episodes as well, started with "Tomorrow Is Yesterday;" one of the parts of STIV that I didn't care for either was that junky modern soundtrack they imposed on them in the street scenes. Same goes for Voyager and the Cheech and Chong van routine with Paris et al.
    I agree totally on the plot re-hashes, have to add that "Home Soil" was a blatant recycle of "The Devil In The Dark" complete with miners aka Terraformers, and "Who Watches The Watchers" being "The Paradise Syndrome" all over again, with superstitious natives with bows and arrows, mistaking a captain for a god, ie., The Picard aka Kirok. I didn't really hate STV for the reasons you stated, will expound more in the Guilty Pleasures thread.
    I detested the "angry bug" subplots as well, whether it was nanites in "Evolution" or chip-nibblers in "The Quality Of Life," and the malfunctioning gel-packs in Voyager.
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