Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 8

I, Mudd

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1967 on NBC

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  • The crew of the Enterprise are forced to an uncharted planet run by Harry Mudd and his androids.

    Taking it's title from "I, Claudius" and "I, Robot", this lighthearted episode boasts the first (and for TOS, the last) major guest star to return to reprise a previous role. Roger C. Carmel again shines as the boylike scoundrel, Harry Mudd, working with another subpart script that leans on the actors' talents to succeed.

    Taking place largely off the ship and inside a facility represented by stage sets, the episode is a precursor to the third season. It begins an absurd idea. (An android rather easily taking over the Enterprise after enlisting in Starfleet, getting posted on the Enterprise, and gaining access to critical systems). It continues with the plot summed up with a line or two of dialogue. (Androids want the Enterprise crew to stay on their planet). And it closes with the Enterprise crew members making fools of themselves before an over the top gag-like ending. It's like a combination of "Spock's Brain", "Plato's Stepchildren", and "Whom God's Destroy", made before any of them existed. (Perhaps Roddenberry showed this episode to third season producer Fred Freiberger and said, "Give me a whole season just like this!")

    And yet Shatner and Carmel make it all worth watching, hitting each comedic beat just right. As the story develops into a farce, it's like watching a talented community theatre group playing theatre games. (Richard Tatro is also quite good as Norman, nailing an android persona twenty years before Brent Spiner would follow suit).

    There's no depth or sense to it all, and I'd hate to think what someone who had never seen Star Trek before would think of it all, but as an offbeat episode it works well enough to get by.

    Harry Mudd returns for his final appearance in the Animated Series episode "Mudd's Passion".

    Remastered Edition: With the original version having no new effects (borrowing the red planet from "The Man Trap" and using stock footage of the Enterprise), there's little to fix here. Nonetheless, CBS Digital gets a little fancy, redesigning Norman's computer innards (and better matching its surroundings to the actor's skin tone) as well as replacing "big red" with a ringed planet.

  • In the right mood, this is a romp!

    Yes, this episode is borderline on campy, and even the writing has Kirk saying "up until now it's all been fun" to justify the more serious turn...

    But the actors ensure it doesn't become camp.

    As always, Roger C Carmel excels as Mudd - who needed an episode in the third season, with writers that could work with his strengths (since "Mudd's Women" is the more powerful and more effective episode). His scenes with his wife Stella, immortalized in android form as instructed by his definition of her to the other androids, are definitely right out of 1950s humor, and one cannot help but to feel sorry for her - even if she's an android! What compelled her to marry Mudd in the first place, since she ends up calling him a good-for-nothing drunk all the time? His rogue charm?

    Kirk presses Mudd for an explanation over the lack of male androids, and Mudd is clearly stammering. Especially given how big Norman's "power cable" is behind the budget-saving sweatpants, more male androids are clearly needed. :)

    In many ways, it should be given a lower score, but the actors are definitely having enough fun with it to make it a memorable-in-a-good-way episode.

    Not to mention the base plot of "computers taking over humans", which is a running theme in TOS's tenure.

    Get out a bottle of wine, a couple of friends, and enjoy. But the only thing you should take seriously is the CGI they put in - that looks great, especially how they replaced Norman's chest unit with blinky lights instead of an old gearbox... impressive stuff. Especially on blu-ray, and the budget accorded.
  • Name an adolescent clothing line after him, but don't bring Mudd back

    Didn't producers think fans had enough of the bland and irritating Mudd the first time around? I was surprised to see how high the reviews here went for Round 2 of Mudd and his droids/wives. Beyond the plots for both this and Mudd's Women, I can just never get past Mudd himself. He is altogether revolting and transparent, possessing no visible redemptive charm.
  • Harry Mudd rears his head again in his part as a rogue rascal. You know what's coming.

    This isn't a deep Star Trek episode or even an outstanding one, but it's a bit of a relief after a string of serious ones that can sometimes be a little much.

    It's a better episode than "Mudd's Women" and I found myself less annoyed with Mudd this time than the first time.

    The actors acting like identical androids are interesting to watch since you can tell they aren't identical and some are shorter, taller, thinner, fatter. It's part of the fun in an episode that is light and silly.

    The weird behavior they use to confuse the androids is slightly amusing. Overall it's an ok episode to watch, though probably not a prime candidate for rewatching.

    The Uhura play at betrayal before the audience is let in on it is a nice touch.

    Predictable, but an enjoyable break in a way.
  • Horrible all-over

    The crew's behavior in this whole episode was idiotic and stupid. First the landing party come across the planet full of Androids. So guess who they meet again ? THE ANNOYING and Ridiclous HARRY MUDD. If Mudd does noy want to Kirk and his crew to leave his planet, that is his choice and kirk ant the others have no right to try to bully Mudd for the leaving advice. Then Kirk and Flint get into a fight over Rayna which was just stupid. And last Spock uses a Vulcan mind touch to erase Kirk's memories of Rayna. What's the big deal? Kirk's lost women he fell in love with before (Edith keeler, Miramanee) and Spock did'nt use any mind touch. What makes Rayna any different? Plus we all know Kirk's only love is his ship. This was a totally ricidulous episode
  • An android takes control of the Enterprise, taking it to a planet where intergalactic conman Harry Mudd is stranded with thousands of androids, who cater to his every whim. A rather silly episode...

    This episode marks the return of Mudd, first seen in the first season episode "Mudd's Women". Like that episode, "I, Mudd" isn't really one of my favourite episodes.

    Although others will disagree, the best thing about the episode in my view is probably Mudd himself, well played by Roger C. Carmel. The character is an interesting one – they just never seemed to get the right story for him. I think with the right material he would have been excellent, but both of the Mudd episodes are rather sub par.

    The episode is a comedy. Although Original 'Trek' was probably the best at comedy compared to its later spin-offs, some of it is rather cringe worthy.

    Mudd's wife is probably the most amusing part of the episode, although is an extreme caricature and more like something out of '60s 'Batman' or suchlike.

    Then there is the terrible moment when you think that Uhura has betrayed her crewmates; thank goodness it was all part of the plan. It really had me going for a minute.

    The scenes as the crew set out to confuse the androids are very surreal; Only in Original 'Trek' would you see this sort of thing; the later spin-offs took themselves far too seriously to ever stray into such territory (but that's probably another debate for another page).

    The climax of the story once again uses that old 'Star Trek' chestnut of out-thinking robots (or androids). By this point it had become a familiar plot, and was on the verge of being used too often.

    If I was forced to pick a 'favourite' (if you can call it that) between the two Mudd episodes, I'd probably go for this one; simply because it has more going on, and a couple more moments of real interest.

    Not much more to say on this one. At best it is a filler episode; either way it doesn't really rank as a favourite of mine.
  • A planet of androids, and Harry Mudd is king?

    I never cared for the Harry Mudd character, especially in "Mudd's Women", but this episode is so much better and a favorite of mine for sure. It has its mix of comedy that makes it stand out among the episodes that have a message and are to be taken seriously. But, the thing is, there is a message in this episode. The message is would you rather have everything you wanted or your freedom? That is the question asked when the androids say that they will take over the universe by serving people and controlling them. This episode also proves that Data wasn't the first android. So, if you don't like the season one Harry Mudd episode, watch this one bcause it has some really funny parts!
  • Harry Mudd returns trying to sell fake patents to Spock’s mother

    Absolutely the best humor in all of Star Trek. "The Trouble with Tribbles", "A Piece of the Action" and the end of "Wolf in the Fold" were delightful, but this tops them, I believe. "Welcome aboard, Mr. Scott" "Harry Mudd! Are you the cause of all this, are you!?" "Why... should we leave you?" "Because.... we don't like you". "An explosive!!" "Logic is a chirping bird in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad. Are you sure your circuits are functioning properly? Your ears are green."
  • Here's Mudd in your Eye.

    "Star Trek" is just like "Bonanza," they need to do a comedy episode once in a while. Otherwiise, doing drama from week to week (with excptions) will be just tiresome. One episode in mind, "I,Mudd." It began with the enterprise being taken over by antroids and taken to the plant being ruled by Mudd, the villain in a previous "Star Trek" episode. the is episode is confusing, but quite funny. It up to the crew to battle the antroids, not with weapons, but with their minds to confuss them. it's not one of the best episodes, but it kept me glued to the set. One reason why Captain Kirk's crew is the better of the Star Trek spinoffs.
  • Wierd and funny at the same time

    This is an obvious homage to Asimov, but it tries to be funny as well. It does actually succeed in places; the scenes with Mrs Mudd are quite a hoot. The female androids are a little shallow but I suppose that is part of the joke. It does get a little predictable in parts and the ending is totally guessable from about half way through. Kirk, Spock and Scotty are great and even Chekhov has his moments. I don't think this will ever win "Best Ever Star Trek Episode" but it fills 45 minutes. ‘Mostly Harmless’ as the Hitchhikers Guide might say.
  • Hooray - a Star Trek comedy episode!

    This sequel to Season One's "Mudd's Women" sees Roger Carmel return as the morally ambiguous trader Harry Mudd, up to his old tricks, surrounded once more by imitation beautiful women.

    This time the women are androids, who are keeping Harry a virtual prisoner on a remote planet because they're programmed to serve "the Masters". In order to get away, Harry arranges the Enterprise to be brought to the planet so he can give the crew to the androids as substitute "Masters".

    Once again, the old chestnut of Kirk and his team outsmarting the alien androids with an application of Earthman logic (or in this case, illogic) is rolled out again, but as the episode is played largely for laughs, this doesn't seem to be much of a problem this time around.

    A fun episode, if a little predictable ...