Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 4

Mirror, Mirror

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1967 on NBC

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    “Mirror, Mirror” is justly one of the all-time fave episodes among old-school STAR TREK fans (are we still “Trekkers, these days?). There’s something compelling about seeing evil versions of our heroes and the story device has become a standard in comic books (especially Marvel books), movies and tv shows. But TREK was one of the first to do it for the mass market. Of course, we’d had evil or alternative versions of Kirk, Spock and even McCoy during season one, but this was the first time saw an alternative version of the Enterprise, and what an intriguing glimpse it is too.

    In this Universe, Starfleet officers advance through assassination and treachery. Every last vestige of loyalty and honour has been purged from the Mirror version of the Enterprise – except, tellingly, for Mirror Spock. Even in this fascist regime, Vulcans still value the concept of honour. Makes you wonder about the Klingons, doesn’t it? (Yep, I know there was more Mirror stuff in DS9, but I just don’t remember it too well right now!)

    Anyway, terrific episode where McCoy, Scotty and even Uhura get a lot more to do. Also, I’d have liked to have seen how the Mirror versions fared aboard “our” version of the Enterprise. Time constraints meant that all we know is via the great Spock line, “It is easier for a civilised man to play the barbarian than it is for a barbarian to play the civilised man.” Wonderful stuff!
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