Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1967 on NBC

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  • When a landing party is killed by a cloud-like creature, Kirk recognises it from a past encounter where it committed mass murder, and becomes hell-bent on destroying the creature. Some fair moments, but not one of the best...

    This episode doesn't really rank as one of my favourites.

    The story, loosely based on 'Moby Dick', sees Kirk becoming obsessed with killing a murderous creature from his past. This makes way for a few decent moments, but also makes for some weak ones, as well as a few unintentionally amusing moments.

    William Shatner is good as the obsessed Kirk, but I did feel that his cranky, "don't question me" mood felt very much the same as we had just seen in "The Deadly Years", and would probably have fared slightly better placed after another episode.

    The episode marks a huge count of redshirt deaths and injuries. And as per usual, no one really seems all that upset, not for very long.

    There is also the notable 'death' of Lt. Leslie, who would go on to reappear in a later episode. This can actually be explained away, as he could be said to be one of the injured crewmembers who managed to survive (no names to the survivor(s) was given). But even so, it is still sloppy from a series that is usually so sharp in the continuity department.

    I also agree with a fellow reviewer that it was far too convenient that the son of the commander of the U.S.S. Farragut, who was killed by the cloud, just happened to be assigned to the Enterprise, at that very point in time.

    Also, I found it a bit too convenient that Mr. Spock was affected differently by the 'cloud'. It seems as if whenever the writers got stuck on how to get around a certain situation, they'd decide that the way out was to have Spock react in a different way to humans!

    One of the few genuinely good moments comes at the climax to the story, with Kirk and Garrovick beaming up away from the 'evil cloud' just in time, and the transporter desperately trying to lock on to them.

    All-in-all, not one of the series' best outings. At some points it almost feels like a filler episode.

    "What's that sweet, sickly smell?" "It's Obsession for men"