Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1967 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Kirk and Garrovick are fighting, Kirk throws the ensign up against a heavy rock wall. The wall noticeably moves from the impact.

    • Lt. Leslie, one of the security guards who appears in a number of episodes, is seen lying on the ground having been attacked by the creature - yet he comes back later, in "The Ultimate Computer," for one. It's not totally impossible, maybe he was one of the ones in "critical condition" and managed to pull through, but it seems awfully callous that he'd be one of those "killed off."

    • Ensign Garrovick describes a gaseous creature as being "several cubic meters" in size, but his distance as "about twenty feet away". These discrepancies continue through all the Star Trek series and movies.

    • Why is Spock trying to prevent the entry of the gaseous creature using his bare hands - this doesn't seem very logical.

    • When Spock opens a channel for Kirk to talk to the bridge at the end, the activation light on the intercom doesn't go on.

    • Dr. McCoy's medical tunic had an engineering patch on it instead of the sciences patch is should have.

  • Quotes

    • Spock: I hope I'm not disturbing you, Doctor.
      McCoy: Interrupting another autopsy report is no disturbance; it's a relief.

    • Spock: I need your advice.
      McCoy: Then I need a drink.

    • Scotty: Captain! Thank heaven!
      Spock: Mr. Scott, there was no deity involved, it was my cross circuiting to B that recovered them.
      McCoy: Well, then, thank pitchforks and pointed ears!

    • Garrovick: Less than one ounce of anti-matter here is more powerful than ten thousand cobalt bombs.
      Kirk: Let's hope it's as powerful as man will ever get.

    • Kirk: Intuition, however illogical, is recognized as a command prerogative.

    • Spock: There are many aspects of human irrationality I do not yet comprehend. Obsession, for one. The persistent single-minded fixation on one idea.

    • Spock: ...hesitation ... is an hereditary trait of your species, and suddenly faced by the unknown, or imminent danger, a human will invariably experience a split second of indecision. He hesitates.

    • McCoy: Monsters come in many forms. And do you know the greatest monster of them all? Guilt.

    • McCoy: Crazy way to travel. Spreading a man's molecules all over the universe.

    • McCoy: The semi-conscious mind is a tricky thing. A man never knows just how much is real or how much is imagination.

    • McCoy: Spock's green blood left a bad taste in the creature's mouth.
      Spock: Colloquially expressed, but essentially correct.

  • Notes

    • This episode holds the all-time record for Enterprise crew casualties and a number of bit players and stuntmen were brought in to play the extra red-shirted victims.

    • This episode originally aired the same night as the collapse of the Silver Bridge (connecting Gallipolis, OH and Point Pleasant, WV). NBC delayed the broadcast of Star Trek because of a special report, but showed it in its entirety.

    • This episode establishes that Vulcan blood is copper based, not iron as it is with humans.

    • Desilu No: 5149-47.

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