Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 10

Plato's Stepchildren

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 1968 on NBC

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  • This episode sticks up there in my mind with all the other greats.

    This episode has one of the most hilarius scenes I've seen in the entire Star Trek series, and that is where the dignified Captain Kirk and his first officer, Mr. Spock, traisp about doing the "Twiddle Dee Dee, Twiddle Dee Dum" dance. Hats off to William Shatner who was able to keep a straight face, but note that Nimoy couldn't hold it. At the end of the dance you see a very un-Vulcan like open-mouted smile. At one point Shatner appears to clamp his facial muscles in an exaggerated frown, which I suspect was to prevent from bursting out laughing. I loved the acting by Parmen and the actress that plays his wife. The set was beautiful with the classic Greek motif. However, negatively, there was a lot of filler and some scenes ran too long. The writers probably ran out of steam, but they had some great ideas in this one. I love the Flamingo dance Spock did and the singing with the lyre. All of this was meant to humiliate them, but you can tell the writers had a great sense of humor to come up with this stuff. This is also the episode of the first interracial kiss, which I thought was done quite well. Great direction with several close ups of Kirk glaring almost into the camera. You have to admit a very good job was done of coming up with a budget script that was entertaining, yet very memorable as well.
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