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  • Star Trek was the greatest science fiction television show of all time!!

    When you watch the episodes today, especially the first season or two, you see so many stories that have been redone since, but were done best on Star Trek. Great cast mix and wonderful stories from an age where the special effects didn't predominate. The third season episodes were not as earth shattering but were entertaining. (Okay, there were two painful exceptions: the one with the Yangs and the Comms was just absolutely horrible, and the last episode, the one with the lady who wanted to be a starship captain and switched bodies with Captain Kirk, was almost as bad.) I wish I could find the series at a better time to watch, but the episodes are on late at night on G4 cable channel, on nice clean prints so no blurry pictures and faded colors.
  • The classic of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space, a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space. They discovers strange types of people and civilizations.

    The classic of the Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space, a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space. They discovers strange types of people and civilizations. William Shatner was "the star" of the show as Captain James T. Kirk. He came in as a replacement for the original pilot captain they they decided to replace. That pilot was not shown until years afterwards and they worked it into a show with the original capatain on trial. Other stars included Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, DeForest Kelley as Dr. Leonard Horatio "Bones" McCoy, George Takei as Lt. Hikaru Sulu, James Doohan as Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand, Majel Barrett as Nurse Christine Chapel and The Voice of The Computer, Mark Lenard as Spock's dad Sarek, Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Nyota Uhura and Walter Koenig
    Ensign Pavel Chekov. This is the classic of all classic space ship sci-fi shows. A must see for any sci-fi fan.

  • Classic, that had the story that made you lot past the not so good special effects.

    This show changed the way we looked at science fiction forever. Before there was The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the prequel Enterprise. There was Captain James T. Kirk and crew on the Starship Enterprise. Exploring new worlds and new life. Traveling through time and space. Leonard Nimoy is great has Mr. Spock, the half human/half alien science officer and second in command. Deforest Kelly is also great Has Dr. Leonard Bones Mccoy, our favorite whiney Doctor, who came out with favorite sayings like "He's dead Jim" and "I'm a Doctor not a brick layer". The special effects may have seemed hoaky at times. But the show was still great in it's day. Gene Roddenberry was a genuis when he created this show.
  • Where No Troll Has Gone Before

    Clearly, we have children on here that can't recognize good drama and characterization that the Original Star Trek provided. Star Trek was groundbreaking for it's time; touching on issues and feelings that were taboo in the television medium of that era. How many shows now can you say truly address the human condition and how we as humanity should relate to one another, working towards a common goal, for the betterment of mankind? Almost none, as the corporate powers-that-be would rather have shows that dumb the intelligence of the general public down to create an easily-controllable herd of sheep that are just as easily entertained, like the ones trolling here. Long live Star Trek!
  • To go boldly where no man has gone before. That is one quote that lived through so many a life time. It is timeless.

    Star trek sets the bench mark for all sci-fi series. It allure is virtually everlasting. Even battlestar galactica had to bow to its superiority.

    As far as I can remember, I literaly grew up with star trek. As I grew older, I began to see star trek differently. I saw how the universe of star trek is firmly rooted in our real world.

    How the Federation is a symbol of America, the vulcans - Europe, the Klingons - Russia, the Romulans - China, and the rest of the alien races represents the diversities we see in different cultures of people of our real world.

    It talks about the subtle tensions and under currents that shapes this world of ours. Whether the directors or the creator intended of this, I don't know. But I know, I have grown to love this show and the hope it leads us to see in our own lives.

    Star Trek Rulez!!
  • 1st Of The Franchise Reviews

    We begin with the original. This is the show that started them all, that was a favorite of mine while I was growing up. Yes, I actually saw the series when it was on prime time…and was very active as a kid in it’s return. I still have my personal letter from DC Fontana.

    Now, with that said, it’s clear that my personal view of the original series will remain high. I do have an affinity for the others as well, but not as much as for this one.

    You all know that this series is like an old friend or a good pair of old shoes. If there is nothing on, you can also catch a rerun of two of Original Trek and comfortably kill a couple of hours. It’s familiar and pleasant. As for the series itself, it doesn’t have the flash and crispness of the newer CGI versions of Trek, nor the intense rapid action scenes, but it’s a classic none-the-less.

    This series is available on DVD, originally terribly high priced, is now available at half the cost from Paramount thru special retailers.
  • The start of the startrek sage

    Star Trek or for real trekkies Star Trek The Original Series (ST TOS) is the beginning of the Star Trek saga. The saga that I grew up with. Especially The Next Generation, continuing with Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Enterprise. ST TOS was the first space science fiction television series that got big all around the world. So big that when the moon was conquered in 1969 and the series stopped airing the people wanted more star trekking. What they got were 6 motion pictures with the original cast, 4 more series with different casts and 4 more movies with the next genaration cast and stars from one series playing guest roles the other series.

    Back to the Original Series. It was created by Gene Roddenberry.

    a couple of facts you should know:
    The first thing to remember is to never wear red. Red is the color of security. in (almost) every episode several red skirts will be killed. Futhermore remember that McCoy is a doctor not somethinbg else like a magician, an escalator, a bricklayer, an engineer, etc. Spock only has his logic and supressed emotions, and Kirk always gets the girl. Scotty is the mirical worker engeneer, and Uhura was the first black woman that kisses a white male (Kirk) on USA television. Sulu and Chekov never met Kahn in the series, but remember him in the second motion picture. And finally Nurse Christine Chapel married Gene Roddenberry in august 1969. She was the one that gave a voice to the starfleet computers and And annoyed Picard and Odo as Lwaxana Troi (Deanna's mother) in TNG and DS9.
  • "hi all you trekies or trekers"

    I think this is a great classic cause it put dreams of outer space/or intersteller travel in my mind and other fans, i liked this show cause it was a way for me to dream about future technolagy and what it could be like!. do any of you fans agree and why???
  • Classic is a term overused but is rightfully applied to Star Trek, as it will be viewed and studied as long as civilization endures.

    Star Trek is the television science fiction series which is remembered for the thought-provoking stories it told and remarkable characters it introduced, not for eye-popping special visual effects or rich orchestrations. It was highly varied, episodes ranged from Superior (City on the Edge of Forever) to Excellent (Elaan of Troyius) to Good (Return of the Archons) to Mediocre (all of the Earth-History-Parallel shows, in which Kirk & Spock land on planets inhabited by Nazis, Imperial Romans, Prohibition-Era mobsters) to the truly bad (Whom Gods Destroy). Generally speaking, the series started strong, excellent stories throughout the first and second seasons but deteriorated in the third. Despite the relatively small number of epsodes produced, redundancy appeared. Kirk talks at least three computers (Landru, M5, Nomad) into committing suicide. Kirk gets trapped in a mental hospital run by a madman twice. Silly stories toward the end of the series, Enterprise is hijacked to the planet Eden by interstellar hippies. Really groovy! No surprise that NBC executives pulled the plug after that one.

    But in Star Trek there is far more wheat (or quadro-triticale) than chaff. It gave us new insight on bigotry (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield), militarism (A Private Little War), the eternal class struggle (The Cloud Minders) without being too preachy. It showed the youth of forty years ago that physics and cosmology are fascinating. And it vainly tried to establish that television is not a vast wasteland inhabited only by doctors, cops and lawyers.

    Thanks, Lucy, for giving us Star Trek.


  • The template for future TV SF.

    What can be said here. Love it or hate it, this show changed Television as we knew it in the 60s. A fully interacial cast, racy stories for it's time, grand adventure.

    Every science fiction show since owes something to Star Trek....

    What truly works well was the show's ability to attract genuine sci fi writers to the show. This was something that the later Star Trek's lacked and it showed for most of those show's duration.

    The Granddaddy of TV Sci Fi.
  • The one that started it all! Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise "boldly go where no man has gone before."

    In my opinion the best of the Star Trek series. OK so the special effects are hardly up to Industrial Light and Magic standards in our post Star Wars world, and sure there's William Shatner's over acting (which fits Kirk perfectly) but for my money Gene Roddenberry's original is still the best. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Checkov, Uhura, and yes, Nurse Chapel are like a family. There's plenty of action that ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY, or ST:ENT could often have learned from the original series.
  • The "King" of tv sci-fi.

    I can still enjoy each of these episodes after watching them dozens of times!! I purchased all of the original dvds for this series, at quite a high price. I'll still be watching this series in my deathbed!!!

    I don't think you could possibly improve on this series. Thank goodness Gene gave us something beyond CBS's "Lost in Space" joke!
  • The show that upped the standards of Sci-Fi TV, and changed the world.

    I grew up on this show,in re-run format that is, and when I was in High School I was able to identify the name of the episode showing and what season it was from anywhere from 3-10 seconds into the episode's prologue. I have all my favorite episodes on tape, which is a good thing, because basic cable just doesnt show it here where I live. I can watch "city on the edge of Forever" Amok Time","Mirror Mirror" "Space Seed",and at least a dozen others again and again{and I have) and still sit enraptured by the show.
    Of course there were some very serious duds, lie "Spock's Brain" "The Way to Eden" and "Bread and Circuses" that I would turn off as soon as I saw it, but for the most part this great Television Classic will always be up there with the best of TV entertainment, and I will always love it.
  • The SHOW that started it all.

    Star Trek can be considered the \"father\" of the science fiction television genre. It was the show that started all of the serious science fiction shows for years to come. This show defined a generation and inspired many to pursue the sciences in their studies. It was also an instrument of the Civil Rights Era. It was the first show to show a kiss between an interracial couple and one of the first mainstream shows to feature and African-American woman as one of the characters.

    The only other science fiction shows that measures up to \"Star Trek\" is \"Stargate SG-1\" and \"Farscape.\"

    The science fiction shows today owe Star Trek because if it hadn\'t been for its resurgence in \"Star Trek: The Movie,\" they probably wouldn\'t be around today.
  • The show that started it all...

    One may blame the show's endurance on the obsessiveness of their fans, but there's no disputing that Star Trek truly went where no one had gone before when it first aired in 1966. A positive and engaging view of the future, some neat technology, some cool scripts featuring memorable characters which struck a chord in the audience... the combination of all these elements created magic on screen, magic which even bumbling network executives couldn't kill.

    Even though some of the spinoffs have had their share of deserved success, the original remains the standard by which all others are measured. A classic that has trailblazed for every serious SF series that followed.
  • The Perfect Show

    Who on your entire existance, doesnt liked Star Trek, it's a classic of Sic-Fi, and a myth for many other shows who make metions on it, even when make jokes.

    This is the only version of Star Trek for me, i dont like much the new ones, classic is classic, this was the kind of serie that didnt needed improves or new generations. . .

    This is one of my favorites series, i didnt saw all the seasson, since i wasnt born that time, but sometimes, some channels from here, show this serie in Sci-Fi Mounth and i cant stop watch it, even if it was a repeat episode.
  • View of the future thru the eyes of today. Teaches the lesson of life & love and how the Earth saved itself from destruction. This dimensional view of our future beholds promise for our greatest grandchildren.

    Star Trek is a vision of the future where the Earth almost destroyed itself but finally learned its lesson and put down it's weapons, and began a life of racial equality, international space travel, and a future to behold for the human race.
    Most definitely far better a world to live in than that proposed in Logan's Run, where the world almost destroyed itself, and left only isolated pockets of survivors- each perpetuated itself into mini-societies preserved by each person stepping into disintergration chambers at age 30.
    Some say God Save The Queen, I say Live Long & Prosper !
  • first ever sci fi show about crew travelling galaxy exploring in the name of the federation. Without lenord nimoy and deforst kelly this show would have sucked.

    A show bassed upon the original enterprise where the crew travels galaxy in name of the federation. It is filled with racism and steriotypical garbage ie the checkov but the superb acting of Lenord Nimoy AKA spock and deforst kelly AKA Mckoy this show would have stank. Do not make me have to talk about will shatner.
  • This Show Is OLD. (But I Gave It A 10 Anyways.)

    This really isn't an opinion. Star Trek has been thriving since 1965. And has been suggested years before.

    Remember Captain Robert T. April? Of course you don't. He was in an unaired pilot. I'm not sure if I got his name correct.

    And then there was Jeffery Hunter as Captain Pike. There was a number of problems, so they switched formats, and cast members really fast.

    And it didn't stop there. Where they had Charlie X, and Where no man has gone before. There was a different bridge, and a different crew, including a different Doctor.

    And Sulu had a different assignment. And Majel Barrett was "Number One," But remember that this wasn't a syndicated show, which is why Roddenberry didn't just go ahead and produce the other shows. (And they still should. And Star Trek has so many ideas, that it will still survive up to the 24th century itself, with different production companies to create the shows, both in live action and in animation)

    They explained what happened with the rest of the crew.

    Kirk got promoted.
    Spock was a Captain.
    Bones Retired many times.
    Checkov served on The Reliant.
    Scotty was a Captain.
    Sulu commanded the Excelsior.
    Uhura still did the same thing.
    Chapel took a job at Star Fleet Headquarters.
    Rand was the Communications Officer on the Excelsior

    But they never explained what happened to the other crew members.

    Then they continued the fourth 5 year mission in animation. And The Enterprise, the aliens, and other things were improved since it was animated and gave everyone an idea of what everything should have looked like in Live Action Including the Klingons. At the very first, they looked very different, and I thought that a good reason was that they disguised themselves as Humans, since that one Klingon did. Then they tried several movies, and series, until it finally became a motion picture, with even more improvements. The Motion Pictures were my favorites.

    Then Came The Next Generation, and it started off great, but then came that boring music that was in each episode. And then there was DS9 and Voyager, but the Movies were horrible, and Enterprise had a rocky start.

    I am going to write more reviews on all of the Series.
  • Classic timeless show.

    The original Star Trek is such a classic program. When looked at in retrospect it often seems quite simple but the stories are still as engaging today as they were then. The formula must have been a great one, because even though the original came in at just under three seasons, future Star Treks use almost the same formula. I have always been fascinated with the way you can take a story or screenplay written for one Star Trek and with only minor name tweaking could use it for any of the others. This is not meant as a criticism, but a compliment that they came up with a sound formula, and weren’t afraid to continue using it as long as people kept watching.
  • The best show ever!

    I have to say that this is one of the best shows ever put on television. The way Gene Roddenberry put his vision of the future on the air waves and into our living rooms was outstanding. The way he put current events of the time on tv and right pass the censers. Gene Roddenberry also put historical authors in his vision of the future, authors like Shakespeare. The budget may have been low and the special effects may not have been the best but Star Trek was way ahead of it time as a television show and as a cultural icon.
  • \"The Enterprise Incident:\" Under secret orders from Starfleet, Kirk and Spock beam aboard a Romulan vessel in order to steal top-secret technology.

    \"The Enterprise Incident\" was one of the most hilarious eps of the disappointing 3rd year! Kirk yelling, \"I\'ll kill you, you filthy traitor! I\'ll kill you!\" Some of the music was pretty expressive in this episode too. And the look on his face when he pretended Spock killed him. And of course it was kind of amusing when Kirk was surgically altered to look like a Romulan. Really all they had to do was shave his eyebrows and paint Romulan ones.

    I never understood why the Romulan cloaking device was never used by the Federation again if it worked so well in this episode on the Enterprise. I\'ll have to watch the whole thing again.
  • The original Star Trek that is to this day unmatched.

    The first time I watched Star Trek I was amazed that it was so good. When this Series came out it was mostly ignored and only lasted a few sesons. But no its become legendary in reruns. This was the first Star Trek series to think large and do it well. The cast is filled with stars head to toe. But most importantly the cast is a filled with endless talent. My problem with the newest Star Trek was they put to much romance and didnt have a good cast. You wont encounter that problem here. If you take the time to watch the original Star Trek like i did youll understand why i scored it so high. i gave it 9.9 because its not perfect. But it came so close and even Spock relises to attain perfection is illogical.
  • Adored

    I literally spent hours with my Dad watching this, always think Captain Kirk was the bees knees. LOL.

    Those short trousers tight shirts are a real turn on, well used to be, if nothing else this show did give birth to just how many other shows?

    The scary thing is, the younger generation, such as 11 year olds have no idea who Spook is, that scares me.

  • what? no seat belts?

    Ah, yes; the "granddaddy" of all Treks! The place where we got our first glimpse of the future. Apparently, mini-skirts would be back in style and everyone would wear their pajamas at work. Also, a goatee signified evil.

    When I was a kid, the series was the coolest; lots of action, some humor, weird aliens, etc. When I was older, it was still entertaining. Some episodes held up very well, with the outstanding writing making more of an impression. Some things were fairly silly, and some were downright goofy.

    Although never blessed with the greatest budget, the show put as much money on the screen as it could. For the time and for television, the effects were pretty good, aside from the bridge shaking stuff. The exteriors tended to get a little repetitive; it seems that the galaxy looks a lot like southern California and a studio interior. The styrofoam geological forms were quite interesting.

    To me. this is still the best series. Yes, Next Gen had better acting (at least from Patrick Stewart) and better effects, but this series was more fun. These guys didn't sit around in conference rooms while the Romulans were firing on their ship. There was no technobabble while the engineer reconfigured the microwave oven to create a transwarp carbourator inversion and emit a tachyon diode stream. Nope, Scotty just crossed a couple of wires and then BLAMMO! Kirk got more action than any of the other skippers, and Spock was more fun than Data. Of course, the women weren't very emancipated, but that still hasn't changed as much as the producers like to claim, in later series.

    To sum it up, you just can't beat Trbbles, Klingons with smooth foreheads, green women, and planets with Nazis and gangsters. I'll take the Squire of Gothos over Q any day (yes, I've read the Peter David book). My only quibble is that no one ever thought to put seatbelts on the bridge. Wasn't there some 23rd Century Ralph Nader around? And with all of Kirk's "friends" throughout the galaxy, is anyone else surprised we have only come across one child of his? I have a feeling he kept going on missions to avoid process servers.
  • Love it or loath it, you HAVE heard of Star Trek. For entertainment value it knocked my socks off ! Even before I'd removed my shoes !

    If the conversation in the pub turns to favorite shows, I'm the first to admit I wouldn't volunteer my preferred viewing.
    Star Trek is massivly uncool, attractive women are less likely to date you, the acting at times is cringe-makingly hammy and the decor to costumes oozes with the "Swinging Space 60's".
    How ever ... I find this most compelling ! 89 episodes were made and I would happily watch every one in succession. In fact, the more Kirks's hair slips forward, the more bizarre the storyline and brilliantly tackier an episode is, the even more I adore it.
    The joy viewing a episode after a long day at work, helps me to forget what a crummy day i've had!
  • A Classic far ahead of its time.

    Star Trek TOS was a visionary show far ahead of its time. In spite of a pathetic budget and often laughable costumes and sets, this show created some of the best charactors in T.V history. Many of the stories are still regarded as incredible pieces of writing with engaging plots and with an almost Shakesperian approach and quality to every episode. It broke the rules of the day in many at the time taboo subjects and presented them in a way which gave people a new and better outlook of there presant situations and of situations yet to come. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if the show had run longer or if it had been created with current special effects technology. but its usually better to just leave good works of art as they were made.
  • Possibly the most influential television show of all time ...

    The stories were engaging and politically relevant then and now, unfortunately today we live in a society where there is less dissention through televised fiction. Star Trek addressed real issues from the 60's, they talked about racism, sexism, diminishing workforce through automation taking over people's jobs and social inequity, the subject of communal euthanasia was also broached as was the topic of inter-racial relationships. Star Trek prides itself on showing the first inter-racial kiss on TV and William Shatner describes how he bungled this scene repeatedly so he could kiss Nichelle Nicholls again.
    They sometimes reviewed our own species as barbaric and unjust. It is in our nature to build empires and then suffer bloody revolutions and Star Trek often depicted the freedom fighter struggling against oppression on some distant world, and by doing so waving an accusing finger at many of the global problems we create on our own world.
    Kirk may have rushed in where fools fear to tread but Shatner has explained the Kirk never sought vengeance and was compassionate, which indeed he was. Kirk often made unfashionable choices by today's standards when he chose to spare the enemy or find a solution that was a forced compromise, but which meant life went on. Star Trek was a wonderful phenomenon that died before its time, and for me as a child it provided awe and wonder and for me as an adult Star Trek shows that beyond the swashbuckling heroics it had very interesting and pertinent stories.
  • Easily the best Sci-Fi Television series ever! Television in it's prime. A show that dealt with the human condition and inter-relations, not special effects or big busted women.

    A show that made syndication what it is today. Not highly rated during it's initial run but became a classic in the years after it's cancellation.
    Star Trek contained elements of all great TV, such as: drama, comedy, action, romance and adventure.
    This is a show that I can continually watch and never get bored or dis-interested with it. It impacted the baby boomer generation and brought a ressurgance & interest in taking Sci-Fi to the big screen with mega bucks such as: Star Wars, Close Encounters, and E.T.
  • The Go Where None Have Gone Before!

    Thsi show was made by one of the top 3 sci-fi making icons of our day.

    It set the path for all major and minor sci-fi series that came after it.

    It made the cast Icons in there own right and made fans out of 2 generations of sci-fi lover.

    In fact you can't go anywhere on earth and say Star Trek and they will know what you mean.
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