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  • Gene Roddenberry changed the face of sci-fi with this series.

    Gene Roddenberry changed the face of sci-fi with this series. He managed to introduce new concepts (like transporters and communicators... ever notice that flip phones look like the communicators on the original ST?) and gave a different vision of inhabitants of other planets. Most sci-fi depended on aliens who were 1) evil or 2) much smarter than us. Star Trek changed that. Aliens were flawed like humans and co-operation was necessary to solve whatever situation was presented. Some episodes were heavy-handed and obvious, but many were written by leading sci-fi writers. I'm glad Mr. Roddenberry got his wish and his ashes were taken into space.
  • space the final frontier, these are the vayagers of the starship enterprise, its ongoing missions, sto explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before

    A great show which startred the sci fi reality and which has created new ideas of possible technology advancements
    the series kick started in the 60's and it shut down for unknown reasons, but frome there gene roddenberry started to make star trek movies, which out saw the original enterprise, to enterprise A and so on and so on.
  • One of the Best Shows Ever!

    This show was so great. Spawning 5 different spin offs and so far 10 Movies. How can anyone say anything bad about such a great show. The Visual effects were great...for its time. The show was such a mixture of Sci Fi, Drama, and Comedy, that it was a shame that it only lasted 3 seasons, but at the same time if it would of lasted longer it might not of had the following it has today. Even while there was only 3 "Stars" the rest of the crew of the Enterprise deserve alot of prase because they were geat. I don't think I can say a bad thing about this show exept I can't believe it is over.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • Gene Rodenberry's Classic Star Trek series.

    In watching every episode of this original series of star trek several times I have grown to appreciate it and what it stood for more and more. The dialogue and what the idea of the future was i found to be quite hoaky from time to time.. It was way ahead of its time when it was first on the air, something most people didn't appreciate until years later when the cast appeared in the Movies that followed. Its a shame that their was only 3 years of this series, but at least we had the movies right? Definately a must see for anyone who wants to get involved in the Star Trek shows.
  • Star Trek is probably one of the most influential television shows ever made. Kirk represents every world leader, Spock represents every man who ever had pointy ears and then there's Dr. MaCoy who represents the medical industry's aversion to HMO's.

    I like this show. I watched this show and as far as I am concerned they could make another movie with the original cast if only Bill Shatner could get down to a manageable weight. I mean how will one camera be able to capture him with one shot at that enormous size? Now I don't know about you but Leonard Nimoy is probably one of the sexiest men alive, even if he is 108-years-old. I'd jump his bones any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But I get the sneaking suspicion that he'd rather have Bones (Dr. McCoy) jump his bones than have me jump his bones. And I don't mean dog bones.
  • A Classic. Yes, a classic that was a ground breaker and yet at the time didn't even know it. But the fans watching did. And loved the show for it.

    Star Trek - the original series was a ground breaking series that brought new thought to the TV screen. Aliens and robots right into our living room. But not in a way that was frightening. Each week the new was battled in a way that made an issue that had to be handled with intelligence and feeling and humanity.
    Captain James T. Kirk was the man to do it. His crew at his side - Spock, McCoy and the rest. They all lent a little bit to the masterpiece that other shows have tried to echo ever since.
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