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  • HAH!!!!! YOU NERDS!!! How old are you guys..50 somthin dont you have something better to do with your lives beside watch some dude named SPAk or whatevr

    This show is boring & discusting....
    I have seen commercials & they make me want to puke.
    For all those teens who are my age who watch this show, maybe you would have more friends if you watched whows that normal kids Laguan Beach, Smallville, The OC, etc....
    But no for some reason you just have to watch a boring tv show with a bunch of old guys who are old....yuk!
    And I am not some imature ditzy headed teenager who is completely shallow....I am intelligent & yes you can have an intelligent conversaion talking about the teen anx drama on Laguan Beach. So dont go thinkn that I am some popular, shallow, naive PREP...cus i am NOT!!!
  • Hello there I have wrote bad things about reality shows and this show is bad than any of that. Star Heck is boring to me,they talk like they are animetronic or something,and a slow dredful story line.Mixed with bad actors it makes a church sermon l

    Star Trek what are you a geeks dream or a nightmare for the real world?!Like I said story line is bad -2 points slow and painful acting -5 points.Bad actors -2 points what saves this show it has a stupid fan base wraped around It's itty bitty slime fingers!All and all it is a bad show full of dumb stupid stuff! Come on watch something better like Star Wars,it has a better story line! Show Simon out!

    Why would you wnat to sit around all day and watch the most boring,not even the slitest funny or interesting program is beyond me. What's so great about weird looking people walking around on a spaceship all day complaining about this that and the other.If you ask me i don't see why the show was made in the first place.Could somebody please tell me whats so interesting about this show ?
  • Yuk !

    It took me all of five minutes to watch this show. Star Wars really ruined for me as far as watching this show. It looked like a failed \\\\\\\"B\\\\\\\" movie. I mean c\\\\\\\'mon, how am I supposed to believe that the movement are actually talking place while watching a buncha people leaning from one side to another as if their ship is moving so fast they gotta hold on ?
    Gimme a break! (that\\\\\\\'s another show that sucked)
  • Adored

    I literally spent hours with my Dad watching this, always think Captain Kirk was the bees knees. LOL.

    Those short trousers tight shirts are a real turn on, well used to be, if nothing else this show did give birth to just how many other shows?

    The scary thing is, the younger generation, such as 11 year olds have no idea who Spook is, that scares me.

  • A Golden Oldie.

    I liked this show when I was a kid but as I got older it started to wear thin. I find that some episodes are quite good, usually when time travel was involved & an equal number of episodes are in fact quite horrid and are actually unwatchable. I understand Trekkies, but I don't consider myself one....I still watch the show from time to time, but the episodes that I thought were 50/50 a decade ago I find I can't watch these days. It had its time.
  • Although it appears more than a little dated now this show is still a sci-fi classic.

    For those of you who don't know, the plot follows the exploits of the crew of the Starship Enterprise in the 23rd century as they exploe the universe.

    Lets start with the negatives; the special effects are dated and the plotlines are more than a little bit weak. Having said that the acting is surprisingly good and despite the dodgy dialoguereally easy to watch.

    The real thing to remember though is that this was the birth of sci-fi as we know it and in many respects the marker by which all other sci-fi is measured. If you like sci-fi you will love this - particularly if you like old sci-fi.
  • first ever sci fi show about crew travelling galaxy exploring in the name of the federation. Without lenord nimoy and deforst kelly this show would have sucked.

    A show bassed upon the original enterprise where the crew travels galaxy in name of the federation. It is filled with racism and steriotypical garbage ie the checkov but the superb acting of Lenord Nimoy AKA spock and deforst kelly AKA Mckoy this show would have stank. Do not make me have to talk about will shatner.
  • "hi all you trekies or trekers"

    I think this is a great classic cause it put dreams of outer space/or intersteller travel in my mind and other fans, i liked this show cause it was a way for me to dream about future technolagy and what it could be like!. do any of you fans agree and why???
  • Classic stuff.

    I am not a big a fan of the original series as others but I have to admit that it had some of the best storylines and was really good at looking at the deeper meaning of things. Action was at a minimal during these times of limited graphics and animation. For what they had to work with around this time, I'd say they did a good job of making everything seem futuristic. I thought that the show had some good acting, good writing, and some nice lessons that could be applied to today's world. Overall, a decent show that is a classic. Thank you.
  • HD DVD Review of the Original Series Season One written by Justin Sluss of

    Star Trek: The Original Series (Season One) - HD DVD Review

    4 out of 5 stars - The Show Itself (has an average rating of 8.6 on IMDb)
    3 1/2 out of 5 stars - Video Quality (1080p in AVC MPEG-4 on 10 discs)
    3 out of 5 stars - Audio Quality (Dolby TrueHD 5.1 / Digital Plus 2.0)
    4 out of 5 stars - Bonus Materials (include Picture-in-Picture & more)
    Rated: - NOT RATED
    Year: - 1967
    Length: - 24 hours 25 minutes
    Studio: - CBS / Paramount

    The Show Itself was a science fiction television show created by Gene Roddenberry. The first season of the show (29 episodes) originally aired from 1966 - 1967 on NBC. The show was considered extremely innovative and imaginative for it's time. "Star Trek" (The Original Series) told the story of a ship ("The Starship Enterprise"), it's Captain "James T. Kirk" (played by William Shatner), his second officer "Mr. Spock" (played Leonard Nimoy), the rest of his crew of over 400 and their "5 year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before." At the time of the show's conception space travel by NASA was really starting to bloom and the was definitely a growing interest in the space program from the general public. This show worked as a great device for doing such and went on to inspire many people to become astronauts or work for NASA. The technical term for a fan of the "Star Trek" series (and/or franchise) is called a "Trekkie." They're usually made out to be total nerds but you'd be surprised who actually likes these shows.

    The first season of the show (out of the entire three seasons that aired) included 29 episodes as mentioned before but they all really had a decent story to them individually. Almost all of these episodes appear to be well rated over at as I noticed while doing research for this Review. So this is definitely a great point in the show's history as far as good episodes (with good stories) goes. This series went on to inspire many "Star Trek" films and other shows. Shatner was in his acting prime back in these days, he had been doing episodes of Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" that are classic themselves and then really established himself as "Captain Kirk" which made him pretty much an immortal icon to the sci-fi world.

    The original series really was brilliant in it's original form and this release has some controversial new "visual effects" improvements that some fans claim really alter the viewing experience way too much from it's original state. Yes this is a new version of this original show that is "like you've never seen or experienced it before" but is that a good thing? I'll begin to explain more about that later below. Overall this is a decent HD DVD release but does have a pretty high price tag to go with that 10 disc HD DVD Combo Format box set. I can only recommend this to fans of the show who aren't going to complain about the new restoration.

    Video Quality on this release is 1080p in AVC MPEG-4 which comes to you in a ten disc HD DVD Combo Format box set. The opposite side of each disc contains the standard definition DVD counter-part. At the time of writing this Review I'm not sure totally but I believe these are all HD-15's (15 gigabyte Single-Layered HD DVD's). This really comes as no surprise if so considering two things, first that the show is only in 1.33:1 (4:3 Fullscreen) aspect ratio and that each disc contains 3 (roughly hour-long) episodes. The video quality to be in the original aspect ratio that it aired on NBC in primarily 1966-1967 (for this season) is now really somewhat cool to behold with it's amount of detail present in this new High Def transfer. I will say it's a somewhat decent restoration but not the best, the whole process and video transfer could have been better. But I'll focus on the positive aspects of the video quality here like, the black levels are very solid and even the flesh tones come across somewhat nice. The color is definitely consistent but does seem a tad bit off to a degree. It doesn't seem to have the total right tone that shows did with the rich vibrant colors they did back in the late 60's when color was first being used on television shows.

    Yes there is an obvious amount of film grain and noise present throughout but it's to be expected with dated material such as this. I didn't find this bothersome, it in fact really helps try to keep the retro feel. That is somewhat despite all the new "visual effects improvements" they've added which don't really make for the best visual blend and I'll begin to explain why. Like I earlier mentioned, they took the original camera negatives of the show and remastered the video. They also went to a great extent of work with "state-of-the-art technology" to redo the show's visual effects (namely the show's intro with the external shots of the "Enterprise" and such) into an odd (but what they did try to make seamless) blend of computer animation and remastered video. The real problem is that the blend doesn't totally look right as the new computer animated scenes lack the film grain of the restored live-action portions of the show.

    I can honestly to a degree understand why "Trekkies" are going to be upset by this release but I think you should remember the phrase, "you can't please everyone" in a case such as this. I don't totally feel the blend of the restored original footage and new visual effects blend perfectly (especially in High Definition). I seriously doubt though we'll EVER see this show come to HD DVD in it's total original form. Be happy with what you get here, which if you're a real fan of the show I'm sure you will somewhat be pleased with this purchase (depending on how much you have to pay for it).

    Audio Quality on this release is in Dolby True HD 5.1 and Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 (two channel Mono). Honestly when you really begin to think about this "logically" as "Mr. Spock" would say, this probably wasn't the best material to try to put into a 5.1 mix. I'll now begin to explain why I believe so and why I actually prefer the Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 over the TrueHD 5.1 mix. First off, aside from the show's intro (with the newly re-recorded theme song) you're not going to notice any real large amount of dynamic range or rear channel presence hardly at all in the TrueHD 5.1 mix.

    However with the Dolby Digital Plus 2.0 track it comes through as really how it was intended to be heard. I just feel the 5.1 was an overkill here and don't see the need for it. Sure Star Trek's whole idea is about technology but that doesn't mean we have get a really only mediocre 5.1 mix as a result. Now perhaps in the future when I'm using a stereo receiver able to fully handle the TrueHD format I might say otherwise but until then I'll stick with the 2 channel Mono track and give this a "3 Star Rating" for audio quality.

    Bonus Materials * "Starflet Access" is an on-screen graphical interface (similar to Universal's "U-Control" in ways) that allows the viewer to access Picture-in-Picture video commentaries that feature comparisons of the original to the newly restored footage as well as interviews, episode specific trivia, an encyclopedia of sorts of "Star Trek" information and more. The only real complaint I have that is that this feature is only available on 7 of the 29 episodes included in Season One. The episodes that include "Starfleet Access" are listed below: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" "The Menagerie, Parts 1 & 2" "Balance of Terror" "The Galileo Seven" "Space Seed" "Errand of Mercy" Located on Disc 10 (Side A - HD DVD) you'll find the following bonus materials presented in 1080p High Def AVC MPEG-4 video with Dolby Digital Plus sound: "Spacelift: Transporting Trek into the 21st Century" (20 minutes) is a pretty decent documentary on the new visual effects used that are so controversial to the fan base of this show. This features interviews with folks like the Senior Vice President of CBS/Paramount (David Lafountaine), members of both the restoration and the visual effects processes. This gives you a nice behind-the-scenes look of how this release (controversial as it may be) came to be. The entire recording session of the newly re-orchestrated theme is included in this documentary. This is really worth checking out if you like the new "visual effects" version. "Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories" (13 minutes) is pretty self explanatory thanks to the subtitle except I guess it would help that you knew Billy was a regular "extra" on the show who usually ending up playing the navigator. He shares with you his experiences of being on the set and even shows us some of his old home movies he recorded while on the set. This proves to be pretty informative but nothing truly breakthrough. This is though definitely worth watching to fans of the show. "Interactive Enterprise Tour" is a computer animated 3D simulated model of the "Starship Enterprise" presented in High Def that allows the viewer to explore both the exterior and interior of the ship. Complete details, photos, audio recordings are present for each section of the ship. This is pretty impressive and totally worth checking out to fans of the show.

    - Review written by Justin Sluss
  • This is where it all began.

    Star Trek is the grandaddy of the sci-fi genre. With out it, this genre would not exist in the state that it does today.

    Even though the special effects are cheesy (let's not forget it was the late 60's) and there are some serious plot holes in some episodes. This is where sci-fi stopped being about space travel and aliens from other planets, and became a vehical for social and political commentary. Racism, sexism, and cold war were all subjects that were taken on by Capt. Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise. Besides what other sci-fi show or movie can say that they have a real space craft named for it.

    Love it or not Star Trek changed the face of sci-fi television forever.
  • Star Trek was the start of one of the largest franchises ever known.

    That said, the original series (TOS) was sometimes uneven and cheesy and certain episodes are nearly unwatchable (any episode featuring Harry Mudd comes to mind along with the Hippie episode about going to an Eden like planet that was turned out to be toxic). There were also excellent episodes like the one involving the Doomsday Machine and the one where they hunted a Romulan warbird that destroyed several outposts along the neutral zone. This series broke new ground and it was the 60s, so overall the series is a classic and so influential it has affected nearly every space/sci-fi series since; not to mention its influence on pop culture. The very fact it has spawned several series, 10 movies and countless imitators gives it a special place in TV history.

    My ranking of Star Trek Series:
    #1 - TNG (got better as time went on - ended very strong)
    #2 - DS9 (got much better as time went on - ended strong)
    #3 - TOS (rollercoaster, alot of ups and downs)
    #4 - Voyager (got better as time went on, but ending was abrupt and unsatifying)
    #5 - Enterprise - Event though it got way better in Season 3 and 4, bad casting of Archer really hurt. Prequels are almost always a BAD IDEA.
    #6 - Animated Series - The only series I dont care to every watch again. It just seemed cheap and poorly done. I dont like live action series done as cartoons in general.
  • Gene Rodenberry's Classic Star Trek series.

    In watching every episode of this original series of star trek several times I have grown to appreciate it and what it stood for more and more. The dialogue and what the idea of the future was i found to be quite hoaky from time to time.. It was way ahead of its time when it was first on the air, something most people didn't appreciate until years later when the cast appeared in the Movies that followed. Its a shame that their was only 3 years of this series, but at least we had the movies right? Definately a must see for anyone who wants to get involved in the Star Trek shows.
  • How can anyone NOT love this show?

    Every word in the book has been used to describe this show. Revolutionary, bold and visionary are just a few. Even though it failed to catch on during its original run, it now permeates every facet of our modern lives, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. It portrayed a future in which mankind not only got over its own internal struggles, it began to reach out to other worlds to expand its understanding of the universe.

    From a more down-to-Earth standpoint, it inspired the tech-heads of this generation to build many of the electronic gadgets we take for granted today. The character names are burned into the collective consciousness of modern society. Catchphrases from the show are bandied about without any need for explanation.

    The show is simply great.
  • Classic timeless show.

    The original Star Trek is such a classic program. When looked at in retrospect it often seems quite simple but the stories are still as engaging today as they were then. The formula must have been a great one, because even though the original came in at just under three seasons, future Star Treks use almost the same formula. I have always been fascinated with the way you can take a story or screenplay written for one Star Trek and with only minor name tweaking could use it for any of the others. This is not meant as a criticism, but a compliment that they came up with a sound formula, and weren’t afraid to continue using it as long as people kept watching.
  • Classic is a term overused but is rightfully applied to Star Trek, as it will be viewed and studied as long as civilization endures.

    Star Trek is the television science fiction series which is remembered for the thought-provoking stories it told and remarkable characters it introduced, not for eye-popping special visual effects or rich orchestrations. It was highly varied, episodes ranged from Superior (City on the Edge of Forever) to Excellent (Elaan of Troyius) to Good (Return of the Archons) to Mediocre (all of the Earth-History-Parallel shows, in which Kirk & Spock land on planets inhabited by Nazis, Imperial Romans, Prohibition-Era mobsters) to the truly bad (Whom Gods Destroy). Generally speaking, the series started strong, excellent stories throughout the first and second seasons but deteriorated in the third. Despite the relatively small number of epsodes produced, redundancy appeared. Kirk talks at least three computers (Landru, M5, Nomad) into committing suicide. Kirk gets trapped in a mental hospital run by a madman twice. Silly stories toward the end of the series, Enterprise is hijacked to the planet Eden by interstellar hippies. Really groovy! No surprise that NBC executives pulled the plug after that one.

    But in Star Trek there is far more wheat (or quadro-triticale) than chaff. It gave us new insight on bigotry (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield), militarism (A Private Little War), the eternal class struggle (The Cloud Minders) without being too preachy. It showed the youth of forty years ago that physics and cosmology are fascinating. And it vainly tried to establish that television is not a vast wasteland inhabited only by doctors, cops and lawyers.

    Thanks, Lucy, for giving us Star Trek.


  • A Classic. Yes, a classic that was a ground breaker and yet at the time didn't even know it. But the fans watching did. And loved the show for it.

    Star Trek - the original series was a ground breaking series that brought new thought to the TV screen. Aliens and robots right into our living room. But not in a way that was frightening. Each week the new was battled in a way that made an issue that had to be handled with intelligence and feeling and humanity.
    Captain James T. Kirk was the man to do it. His crew at his side - Spock, McCoy and the rest. They all lent a little bit to the masterpiece that other shows have tried to echo ever since.
  • \"The Enterprise Incident:\" Under secret orders from Starfleet, Kirk and Spock beam aboard a Romulan vessel in order to steal top-secret technology.

    \"The Enterprise Incident\" was one of the most hilarious eps of the disappointing 3rd year! Kirk yelling, \"I\'ll kill you, you filthy traitor! I\'ll kill you!\" Some of the music was pretty expressive in this episode too. And the look on his face when he pretended Spock killed him. And of course it was kind of amusing when Kirk was surgically altered to look like a Romulan. Really all they had to do was shave his eyebrows and paint Romulan ones.

    I never understood why the Romulan cloaking device was never used by the Federation again if it worked so well in this episode on the Enterprise. I\'ll have to watch the whole thing again.
  • A Classic far ahead of its time.

    Star Trek TOS was a visionary show far ahead of its time. In spite of a pathetic budget and often laughable costumes and sets, this show created some of the best charactors in T.V history. Many of the stories are still regarded as incredible pieces of writing with engaging plots and with an almost Shakesperian approach and quality to every episode. It broke the rules of the day in many at the time taboo subjects and presented them in a way which gave people a new and better outlook of there presant situations and of situations yet to come. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if the show had run longer or if it had been created with current special effects technology. but its usually better to just leave good works of art as they were made.
  • September 1966, watching the Premier of Star Trek, was the best Birthday present I had ever gotten that year. Even though our family, like most others at that time, only had Black & White TV sets. BUT I WAS HOOKED!!

    I just loved this show and I can even forgive some of the bad shows, especially season 3.
    The Characters were great. In deep space the mighty Starship ENTERPRISE along with its\' crew, Captain James Kirk, 1st Officer Spock & Dr. Leonard \"Bones\"McCoy were the trio who explored the universe in hand with a mix of multi- cultural explorers, for 1966 television this was cutting edge.
    Of course NBC execs\'did not beleive that the character,
    No. 1, a woman could be 2nd in command of a starship, so she was dropped after the pilot in order to keep the, Mr. Spock character.
    Today we would not even think twice about a woman being in charge of something like that. It is so common now with women holding positions in the fields of, Medicine, Law, Court Judges, Police, Fire, Construction, Science, Mayors, Senators, Congress, Military, Pilots as well as Commander of Naval Vessels.
    These execs had their heads stuck in the sand!
    Mr. Spock was on the chop block due to his satanic looks.
    Talk about bizzare!!
    The additional cast, Chief Engineer Scott was a Scottsman who was the miracle worker for the show.
    In todays work place, who would not want to be known as, \"A Miracle Worker\", the person that can make things happen and put things right.
    The Helmsman was, Lt. Sulu, an asian who was loyal, insightful, and dedicated to his ship.
    Communication was held down by Lt. Uhura, an intelligent, beautiful woman of African decent, she could also handle herself in a fight.
    Ensign Checkov of Russian heritage who was eager to please his Captain by always showing his best.
    Nurse Chapel, Majel Barrett who was No. 1, in the pilot episode, was Dr. McCoys assistant and in love with Mr. Spock.
    This show touched on stories that were hot button issues of the unstable 60\'s era and even reflect some of the current today\'s events, hidden in the realm of Science Fiction.
    It is amazing today, that the Star Trek devices concieved in a 1960\'s TV show have become commonplace today.
    Just sit back and enjoy the shows, especially season 1.
    Most of the special effects still hold up today.
    Some of the planet sets look cheesy but it was the 60s.
    It was nice to see, Star Trek Enterprise pay homage to the origional series durinig its\' 4th Season.
  • Classic, that had the story that made you lot past the not so good special effects.

    This show changed the way we looked at science fiction forever. Before there was The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the prequel Enterprise. There was Captain James T. Kirk and crew on the Starship Enterprise. Exploring new worlds and new life. Traveling through time and space. Leonard Nimoy is great has Mr. Spock, the half human/half alien science officer and second in command. Deforest Kelly is also great Has Dr. Leonard Bones Mccoy, our favorite whiney Doctor, who came out with favorite sayings like "He's dead Jim" and "I'm a Doctor not a brick layer". The special effects may have seemed hoaky at times. But the show was still great in it's day. Gene Roddenberry was a genuis when he created this show.
  • Light Years Ahead

    I first saw Star Trek in re-run form when I was not more than five years old, and was hooked ever since. As a kid, my dad and I would watch it whenever FOX decided to air it, often weeknights at 7 pm, and now I wake up to it every morning on TV Land. It is probably my all-time favorite, and seeing its faults now as a discriminating adult simply endears the series to me even more.

    The characters and their interaction are what I like best, as well as the sub-themes that ran with it, such as Spock's friendship with Kirk, and his unwilling but unavoidable bantering with McCoy. Scotty, Uhura, and Chekhov were equally charismatic, if sometimes underplayed. The villains were great fun, as was guessing who would be the first disposable character to get wacked on a landing expedition. It's easy now to criticize the special effects and sets, but we forget how exponentially technology has developed since the 1960s and we take for granted what we can now do with digital, which Rodenberry did not have at his disposal. Shatner's overwrought "acting" is simply icing on the cake, and great for a laugh; the paper-mache boulders and the crewmen literally hurling themselves across the bridge while under missile attack do bring a smile. All in all, if Star Trek were not among the greatest, there is no way it would have remained such an icon today.
  • It's a show that I just can't see why any big sci-fi fan wouldn't like!

    This show was made before I was born, but I've seen so many reruns of the show throughout the time I've been around, since to this day, the show is still very popular and reruns are bound to be seen on so many different channels! So I first saw it when I was very young, and didn't really like it much then, but years later, I really started to enjoy it. This show is truly a classic, with lots of action, great story lines, and occasionally some pretty funny moments. It turned out to be a milestone in the history of television, which is the reason why it's still so popular after over thirty years. There's so much to like about this show.
  • Special Effects!

    I loved the original Star Trek, apart from some of the AWFUL and obviously low-budget, special effects. Some of them were pretty cool, but the white rubber killer chicken in one is a joke to this day. I loved the interaction, most of the stories were very new and fresh, as AuntSueNihgCh stated, and the idea of Russians and Americans getting along, as well as the original . (in science fiction, not My Favorite Martian) was amazing. It WAS a different age, a new and original show, and it will live on as a cultural icon.
  • Star trek chat

    Hi I love all things star trek so much so I have my own page on facebook where Trekkie fans from all over the world get together to chat share fab pics and basically worship star trek please come check it out
  • Captain James Kirk leads the starship Enterprise and its crew on an exploration of the galaxy and more.

    As I have said in previous reviews, "Star Trek" is in my mind the greatest science fiction television series ever made. From it's very well written scripts, to it's compelling adventures and it's top rate cast, there are numerous reasons why this show has enjoyed an enduring popularity over the years. It's almost surprising to know that "Star Trek" did not have an immediaite impact with television audiences. During it's original run, the series never climed higher than 52 in the Nielsen Ratings. All I can say is thank goodness for syndication. A voyage that has been worth the ride.
  • In the 60's Sci-fi was funky!

    Space the final Frontier!
    Watching the original Star Trek series after watching Voyager or The Next Generation (later seasons obviously)

    Your going to find Star Trek delightfully absurd,corny and funky, just listen to the Opening theme!

    A nice and enjoyable old 60's telivision show, and like many good shows, never went past a few seasons.
    the effects maybe corny and the acting exagerated.
    but the show has allot of morals and philosophical themes,
    This is a series i would advise to own on a DVD box set, i myself intend to.

    And i prefer the old special effects, but since the remastered DVD's have the original format as well, i see no reason not to get the best of both versions.
    If you have a TV service that includes Star Trek i advise you watch it, if your a fan of the new Star Trek or old Sci-fi you should love this show.
    I miss the days when it was on TV1 on the PayTV subscription service.
  • The DNA of every major science fiction show to follow it can be traced back to this audacious TV experiment, cancelled after 3 seasons due to low ratings, which is now the most spun-off series in history and the inspiration for countless sci-fi programs.

    Looking at the original Start Trek episodes today, one might wonder what all of the fuss was about: the special effects and costumes were often laughable; the stories could sometimes be overly sentimental and preachy; the acting was at times over-the-top and hammy. So how did this series become so popular that fans initiated an unprecedented letter writing campaign that brought the series back after NBC had threatened to cancel it at the end of the second season? Personally, there are numerous reasons why I will forever love the original Star Trek. for one thing, I was a teenager when the series originally aired. In those days, there was nothing like it anywhere. The production values and special effects were, believe it or not, advanced for that time. And the thinly veiled social commentary at the heart of most of the episodes appealed to me. I was encouraged by the optimism of Gene Rodenberry's vision of the future: radically different civilizations coexisting peacefully with each other; a multicultural crew aboard the Enterprise; the high ethical and moral standards of the Federation Code. The action sequences were thrilling, and, oh yeah- Uhura was HOT! Speaking of hot, so were many of the guest stars, who were often love interests for the ever-randy Captain Kirk, who would gladly romance any creature who was even remotely feminine, purple skin and all. The enduring success of the franchise bears out the universal appeal of the Star Trek premise. I like many of the spinoff series and most of the movies (The Wrath of Khan is my personal favorite) but the original series will always occupy a special place in my heart.
  • The start of the startrek sage

    Star Trek or for real trekkies Star Trek The Original Series (ST TOS) is the beginning of the Star Trek saga. The saga that I grew up with. Especially The Next Generation, continuing with Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Enterprise. ST TOS was the first space science fiction television series that got big all around the world. So big that when the moon was conquered in 1969 and the series stopped airing the people wanted more star trekking. What they got were 6 motion pictures with the original cast, 4 more series with different casts and 4 more movies with the next genaration cast and stars from one series playing guest roles the other series.

    Back to the Original Series. It was created by Gene Roddenberry.

    a couple of facts you should know:
    The first thing to remember is to never wear red. Red is the color of security. in (almost) every episode several red skirts will be killed. Futhermore remember that McCoy is a doctor not somethinbg else like a magician, an escalator, a bricklayer, an engineer, etc. Spock only has his logic and supressed emotions, and Kirk always gets the girl. Scotty is the mirical worker engeneer, and Uhura was the first black woman that kisses a white male (Kirk) on USA television. Sulu and Chekov never met Kahn in the series, but remember him in the second motion picture. And finally Nurse Christine Chapel married Gene Roddenberry in august 1969. She was the one that gave a voice to the starfleet computers and And annoyed Picard and Odo as Lwaxana Troi (Deanna's mother) in TNG and DS9.
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