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  • This is where the world of Star Trek began, the original series (TOS). The brain-child of one Gene Roddenberry, whose vision has led to millions upon millions of fans or casual followers since its inception.

    The Original Series was unique and ahead of its time for the 60's, the episodes were extremely realistic then, some caused the change to government policy.

    We follow the main characters of Capt. Kirk, Spock, Bones mainly, as they boldly go into space, exploring the unknown and having mini adventures along the way, meeting alien races, preventing wars, not to mention starting and then stopping a few too.

    This is still an all time classic regardless of the media hype of today's shows, but to have witnessed this being broadcast for the first time must have been truely amazing.

    As a boy, I caught the second wave of Star Trek fever to hit the UK, but it must have been great to have been a part of the first wave of trekkiness, wow that would have been awesome.