Star Trek

NBC (ended 1969)





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  • A generation of future scientists owe there careers to this show!

    The original Star Trek was a quantum leap forward in televised science fiction for it's era. Before Star Trek, most of what passed as science fiction on television was silly and pathetic beyond words. In an age when our space program was still in it's infancy, Star Trek was T.V.'s first serious attempt at visualizing what travel beyond our solar system to the stars, encounters with alien civilizations and the engineering challenges involved with interstellar travel might entail. More importantly, it was a gateway for a lot of kids (myself included)to the world of real science. Star Trek got me into astronomy. Before the series ended, I'd built my very first telescope (a six inch Newtonian reflector) and I used that sucker every clear night! On a personal note, Mr. Spock was like the big brother I never had. Mr. Spock's approach to logic and thinking his way out of tough situations had a lot to do with my own personal approach to problem solving to this day. Wonderful, wonderful show!