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  • In the 60's Sci-fi was funky!

    Space the final Frontier!
    Watching the original Star Trek series after watching Voyager or The Next Generation (later seasons obviously)

    Your going to find Star Trek delightfully absurd,corny and funky, just listen to the Opening theme!

    A nice and enjoyable old 60's telivision show, and like many good shows, never went past a few seasons.
    the effects maybe corny and the acting exagerated.
    but the show has allot of morals and philosophical themes,
    This is a series i would advise to own on a DVD box set, i myself intend to.

    And i prefer the old special effects, but since the remastered DVD's have the original format as well, i see no reason not to get the best of both versions.
    If you have a TV service that includes Star Trek i advise you watch it, if your a fan of the new Star Trek or old Sci-fi you should love this show.
    I miss the days when it was on TV1 on the PayTV subscription service.