Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 22

Space Seed

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1967 on NBC

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  • The Enterprise comes across a freighter that has been drifting in space for 200 years, and houses a frozen race of 'super humans'. But their leader, dictator Khan, plans to create a new empire. A quite good episode, although I'd say not a complete classic

    This review contains minor spoilers.

    This is one of Original 'Star Trek's most well-known episodes, much due to its big screen sequel 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' (1982), which is often regarded as the best of the big-screen outings; certainly for the original crew at least.

    The story is a reasonable one, and undoubtedly the best thing about the episode is Richard Montalban as Khan. He gives a mesmerising performance, and ranks as one of Original 'Trek's best guest performers.

    If the episode has any flaws, it is that the middle section is rather dragged out and over-talky. The opening scenes when Khan and his people are discovered are good, and the ending (which I'll get on to in a moment) certainly picks up, but the middle section falls between the two.

    The later sections of the episode, as Khan and his people take over the Enterprise, prove to be the best moments of the episode. We have seen aliens and various other super-beings take over the ship, but with the human (albeit genetically enhanced) Khan it is something different, and feels more like a genuine threat.

    The final, inevitable showdown between Kirk and Khan takes place in engineering. Again. How many 'final fights' take place in engineering?! There are loads – including the previous-but-one broadcast episode, "Court Martial'. And again, I did find the obvious stunt-double work to be distracting - they didn't even seem to try and hide their faces on this one.

    I find this to be a mostly good episode, but maybe not a complete classic; and I do agree to an extent with another reviewer that this episode may have got a high rating only due to its connection with its popular big screen sequel. It's good, but certainly not in the same league of some of the other first season classics (in my opinion). But not bad either.
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