Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 1

Spock's Brain

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1968 on NBC

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  • What was the point of this episode?

    I finally got to see what seems to be unanimously considered the worst episode: "Spock's Brain." I tried to watch it with an open mind (not letting what had been said about it affect my take on it)...but I found it bad regardless. The episode had the potential to be good and interesting, but there seemed to be no point to it whatsoever. It could've been commentary on people that are complacent being stupid ("I'm not ready for the knowledge!" reminds me of too many kids who just don't care and think it's cute to be stupid), but it didn't achieve that goal. The dialogue was redundant and simplistic: in one scene, Sulu, Uhura and Kirk pretty much say the same thing---that something is "there." (I cannot remember the exact terminology...but it was repetitive.) And poor Leonard Nimoy. I read "I Am Spock" and he said how thankless his role in that episode was. And Spock seemed more pedantic than usual in the end...and dare I say it happy. Vulcans aren't supposed to show happiness (even half-Vulcan Spock who is constantly fighting that emotional human side). I believe it was because Nimoy was happy to have lines finally in the opposed to those "talking brain" voiceovers he did.