Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 1

Spock's Brain

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1968 on NBC

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  • Spock's brain is stolen, and Kirk and company try to retrieve it.

    This third season opener is famous for being campy, and there certainly are some laugh out loud cheesy moments. But truth be told, most of it is rather boring and not even fun for laughs. The idea for this episode was an interesting science fiction premise by Gene Coon (who like Gene Roddenberry had left the show by the time the third season began, putting the show in the hands of Producer Fred Freiberger.) Coon thought it was interesting how we externally create devices that mirror how our brain internally handles our bodies: air conditioning and heating to regulate temperatures, communication systems to exchange messages, and sensors to gather information. Coon wondered what it would be like if a human brain was used to run a colony, controlling its functions as if it were a human body. It was an idea worthy of exploring, but the execution here is dreadful, with Spock's remote control body (complete with an unexplained clicking sound each time he moves) and disembodied voice adding to the ridiculousness of the sci fi idea gone awry.
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