Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 17

That Which Survives

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1969 on NBC

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  • Pretty mediocre episode with an irritating depiction of Spock


    Lets get something straight first. The script for this episode was actually created by DC Fontana but the producers bungled the execution of this episode that she removed her name from its credits and used the pseudonym of 'Michael Richards' instead. An incredibly powerful (and now extinct) alien force named the Kalandans hurl the USS Enterprise 990.7 light years away from the planet that they are investigating and yet fail to destroy the 4 Enterprise beam down crew members on the Kalandan planet in an instant. Is this remotely plausible?

    Instead the Kalandans' computer send various manifestations of Losira, the sole likeness that the computer access to to'touch' and thus kill the Enterprise beam down crew which consists of Sulu, Kirk, McCoy and D'Amato. Once D'Amato dies and the crew learns how Losira is killing them they move around and protect one another....which is strange when the Kalandan computer could have easily vaporised them with several laser blasts or trapped them in a life suffocating forcefield. This is just boring.

    Meanwhile on the Enterprise, Spock is in charge and he proceeds to berate the crew for getting the slightest error in their calculations...including lecturing poor Scotty. This must be the most irritating depiction of Spock I've seen and one almost wants to beat him into his senses. Instead of displaying leadership and reassurance--as he did in The Tholian Web--he makes everyone tense especially when they learn thatthe ship could explode due to Losira's sabotage ofthe matter-antimatter units aboard the Enterprise if it wasn't for Scotty's heroics. And Scotty's reward is another lecture from Spock...instead of a short thank you.In the end, Spock returns to the planet in time to save Kirk, Sulu and McCoy from being killed by the computers creation of 3 deadly to the touch Losiras but the episode overall is just mediocre sadly. The only interesting development is that we see Sulu with Kirk on a mission together for the first time.

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