Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 27

The Alternative Factor

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 1967 on NBC

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  • The effects they used KILLED this episode

    I considered this one unwatchable as a kid but forced myself to watch the HD version last night

    While I concede that this episode is one of the worst in season 1; I think we can all agree that it had the right concept. A great Sci Fi concept and I think a very good choice of bad guy (if Lazarus' are bad guys) that fell hard because of a few bad choices:

    1. The effects they used KILLED this episode. Especially the daily planet newspaper/batman rotating newspaper whatever thing. The nebula they keep showing for no reason. And then WHY did they feel the need to do it sooooooooooo dam much?! They could have used that poor effects kit 2 times and we would have forgiven them but 7 times?! Inexcusable.

    2. Direction on this one was bad. Spock is lost. Kirk is too. And most of the other standbys are off somewhere else with generic folks filling in.

    3. Why did Lazarus have to fall off the cliff 2 times? Inexcusable.

    There were a few positives. The concept was great but they just needed to EXPLAIN it to us!!! It should have been more obvious when Lazarus switched just short of the crew noticing. I Love the Lazarus costume and think it probably the best one in the series. That's not saying that much but..give credit where due. I liked the actor who played him too not his fault he didn't have anything to say.


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