Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 28

The City on the Edge of Forever

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1967 on NBC

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  • Bones gets a dose of his own medicine, beams down to a planet, goes through a time portal and changes history. For the worse. Nazis won WW2. Not good.

    There's really no reason to write a review of this episode. I mean all Trekkers have seen this. If not, then you are either not a real Trekker, your local stations won't run Star Trek or you don't have a DVD player.
    But I will anyway. In brief, Enterprise is investigating disturbances in time and space. When Enterprise is hit by a time wave McCoy is accidently injected with some very potent medicine and beams down to the planet. Kirk and company follow him and before they can contain him McCoy runs through a time portal (The Guardian of Forever or something like that)and changes history. The Enterprise is now gone, was never built and they are alone on the planet. Uhura is frightened. Of course. Kirk and Spock talk the Guardian into going through and find McCoy and cure history. They arrive in the 1930's before McCoy does. Using spare parts of that time period Spock takes a look at history. Turns out McCoy saved Edith Keeler from being run down by a car and killed. Edith was an extreme pacifist and having lived she was instrumental in keeping the US out of WW2. Not good. So Edith must die. Problem is Kirk has fallen in love with her. Well, suprise, surprise! McCoy shows up eventually and when he, Kirk and Spock are talking about old times, Edith shows up on the other side of the street. She sees Kirk and starts to cross the street. In front of an oncoming car. McCoy starts to rush out to save her but Kirk stops him. Edith is hit by car and dies. "Jim, do you know what you did? I could have saved her," McCoy says to Kirk.
    "He knows, Doctor. He knows," Spock informs him.
    History is restored and they return to their own time period.
    This episode, with Space Seed, Amok Time and a couple of others ranks right at the top. A classic episode. Fine acting on everyone's part. And I mean everyone. Written by Harlan Ellison. A must see.