Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 25

The Devil in the Dark

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 1967 on NBC

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  • Is the Horta costume better than the original Godzilla's? Maybe.

    Always considered this one of the worse episodes in the series, surprised how many high ratings it has been given. Granted, the story is ok; humans intruding in some creature's habitat and reaping the consequences, then finally learning to co-exist after smothing out some bumps.

    What bothered me is when the miners come across these dense spheres (Horta's eggs) and don't bother studying them, they simply move them, which causes the "mom" to come looking for its eggs and in the process kill a few humans. You would think people capable of interstellar travel would be a little more curious and (at least) study the spheres.

    The part that's really laughable is the Horta costume; simply a rug thrown over some stunt person. I realize this episode was filmed over 40 years ago, but come on! They could have done a little better...

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot; the part where Spoke mind melds with the creature and finally learns that it's distraught about its missing brood. The way Spok screams PAIN!!! PAIN!! over and over is just plain bad acting on the part of Leonard Nimoy. The director dropped the ball on this one, should have done more takes...
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