Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 2

The Enterprise Incident

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1968 on NBC

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  • This one of the best ranking of the original Star Trek series that had ever been created by Gene Roddenberry. In my opinion.

    It\'s a good covert operation when the Enterprise crosses the neutral zone, and Captian Kirk acts like he is insane just to get the colking device from the Romulans, and Mr. Spock and the Romulan commander have a small affair. Great, excellant, out standing, awesome, supurb, fantastic, wonderful, beyond the norm, one of the best works done by Gene Roddenberry, beyond classic, beyound good. I the cast of that episode, but it was and still is one of the best episodes I have ever seen. Thank you so much, Gene, crew and cast for the episode 51 ( The Enterprise Inncident ).
    Thank you again. A.J.