Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 2

The Enterprise Incident

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1968 on NBC

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  • A little bit too hard to believe

    I'm going to "dis" this episode much to the chagrin of most Star Trek fans for the following reason. So the cloaking device gives the Romulans an unfair advantage over the Federation of Planets. Shouldn't some other diplomatic option be done before risking war with the Romulans by invading their space and getting involved in some kind of CIA like plot to steal the cloaking device? Isn't faking it by making Captain Kirk into some kind of arrogant maverick risky? For the Romulans to believe that a Vulcan would take sides against Kirk is hard to swallow. Finally, the episode feels forced in that it's only intention is to see how William Shatner looks in Romulan ears. The whole episode feels manipulated only for that purpose. As Spock has once said, military secrets are fleeting and the Federation of Planets would have duplicated the device on their own inventions without coming up with the complicated plot of this episode to acquire it. But no Star Trek is without merit. It's Joanne Linville that saves this episode. A female Romulan commander gives the episode an allure. I enjoy her attraction to Spock and her willingless to drop her military mind just to have Spock as her mate. However, this episode goes against Spock's commitment to "not bluff" and I find it working against his character to go along with the whole charade. That's the problem with the episode...too much of the whole operation being a charade just too get their hands on the device.