Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 16

The Galileo Seven

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1967 on NBC

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  • Fine story and pacing, one of the essential installments for seeing the development of the Spock character.

    A stuttlecraft is lost on a savage planet because of radiation from a great quasar.

    There are some minor things that bother me with this episode, most importantly as far as the series, it makes little sense that the chief surgeon and head engineer would be sent along with the first officer to investigate a space phenomenon - especially as Boma is well-written as a foil for Spock. But no matter, this story has a lot of good things happening.

    First of all, it's good drama - there is a tension about the Enterprise searching for the shuttle and having to soon be on its way, the creatures on the planet are mysterious and menacing (if rather cheesy looking), the fear amongst the shuttle crew is generally realistic. Most scenes are important and contribute to the whole tale. Most critical (and interesting), Spock is in a writers' transition here. He has plenty of logic and rationale, but he is hardly "unemotional", he gets very angry and sarcastic. This contrasts to later portrayals such as "Journey to Babel". The human nature issues are great, Boma vs. Spock, Kirk's concern for his crew, Scotty's admiration for Spock's final gamble in orbit. Sadly, the yeoman gets a poor set of lines, mostly, "what if the creatures are still out there?", "I got a bump on my head", and "it's getting hot" (as the shuttle is smoking up a storm).

    As usual for the series, "Star Trek" is good science fiction when it is good at telling a decent, old-fashioned one hour story. The rest is usually unimportant.