Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 18

The Lights of Zetar

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1969 on NBC

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  • Shari Lewis, of Lambchop fame, makes mutton out of this

    I honestly want to love this story. It's refreshingly different, more horror than sci-fi, and some of Shari's offerings and input are great.

    But Scotty's blatant sexism toward Mira Romaine, a person whose name is synonymous for lettuce (albeit one of the healthier varieties), must be seen to be believed. He quickly pawns everything off as "space sickness", and despite what the crew has been through in their travels, they should all know better!!

    But despite that, at Memory Alpha, we see a female customer dying in amongst the dead men, which helps compensate. It's a chilling scene in its own right, but it's nice to see that women in the 23rd century are just as capable to educate themselves... keep in mind that the original pilot's first officer was a woman (who was rewritten to what Spock would become) that broke every anti-female stereotype and the execs watching the pilot wanted her gone, so sexism was a big problem behind the scenes and that led to problems in front of the camera, as many stories sadly reveal, as well. Except miniskirts - which were, ironically, a sign of sexual liberation at the time. But in a hetero male target audience, the execs would not complain either way...

    Actually,for season 3, this story is surprisingly solid and the horror works EXCEPTIONALLY well.

    The pressure chamber should have killed Romaine, while arguably harming (or not) the Zetarians in the process...

    I like the Zetarians as a gestalt entity, wanting to find corporeal life again. It's a good trope, but overall the execution is all over the map - some great scenes ruined by really bad ones elsewhere.