Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 23

The Omega Glory

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1968 on NBC

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  • The worst Star Trek episode ever… "Bottom of the barrel" is probably to good a classification...

    If ever want to refer to a bad Star Trek episode, in all the different series (and that is well over 500 episodes), this would be the one to mention.
    It is incredible how, a series that was so influential in Sci-fi history and that personally I like, can have an episode as bad as this one.
    The reason it is this bad has all to do with the plot / story. As a lover of science-fiction in general, I can understand strange and unlikely stories, like time travel, parallel universes, etc.. Not that they exist or could exist (maybe they, maybe they do not), but in this type of episodes the stories are fun and we can follow it. However, now we come to ” The Omega Glory”. A history was about replicating a possible outcome to the America versus the communism fight. The Yang (=Yankees= Americans) have lost a war against the communism and have to fight back to get it back. The problem is not this concept, it is that the parts have names similar to the original and the Yang have the same constitution, declaration of independence and flag. Exactly the same… in a planet light-years way, with no previous contact. Come on. How can believe it? Can you be more egocentric? It is not possible…
    Luckily, this is the worst episode and there are not any other this bad. Some better, or not quite as good, but none that is quite this bad…
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