Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 23

The Omega Glory

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the final meeting of the Yangs with the flag and all, people in the background are speaking Chinese although there are no Comms present.

    • Cloud William opens the Bible nowhere near the bookmark, but the bookmark is at the opened spot in the close-ups. When he closes it the bookmarks moves to a different spot again.

    • After they enter with the flag and Kirk stands, at least three subsequent close-ups still have him sitting. Finally they catch up and the close-ups show him standing.

    • When Kirk and the landing party beamed about the Exeter's engineering section, when Kirk was speaking on the ship-wide intercom, on the screen, empty rooms were showed and even the engineering section was shown empty, but Kirk and the landing party were in the engineering section.

    • Cloud William slams Kirk - really hard - with a solid iron bar. Yet the captain has nothing more then a minor headache - the whole side of his skull should be shattered!

    • Cloud William says they'll uphold the words of the Constitution. But...they don't know what it means. "E Pleb Neesta" has no meaning to them. Is the Federation going to teach them what the Constitution means, breaking the Prime Directive?

    • Just before the Yangs enter with the flag, Kirk's hair is parted on the wrong side because of the director flipping the shot.

  • Quotes

    • Kirk: (remarking after Spock performs a neck pinch) Pity you can't teach me that.
      Spock: I have tried, Captain.

    • Kirk: Then anything you develop here as a result of all this is useless.
      McCoy: Who knows? It might eventually cure the common cold, but lengthen lives? Poppycock. I can do more for you if you just eat right and exercise regularly.

    • Dr. McCoy: Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs, unless good is very, very careful.

    • Kirk: Liberty and freedom have to be more than just words.

    • Kirk: Look at these three words written larger than all the rest, and with special pride never written before or since -- tall words, proudly saying "We the people" .. these words and the words that follow ... must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.

    • Sirah: Yes, it is written. Good shall always destroy evil.

    • Cloud William: ... freedom ... is a worship word...
      Kirk: It is our worship word too.

    • Kirk: A star captain's most solemn oath is that he will give his life, even his entire crew, rather than violate the Prime Directive.

    • Kirk: I don't think we have the right or the wisdom to interfere, however a planet is evolving.

  • Notes

    • Morgan Woodward (Capt. Ronald Tracey) previously appeared in a season 1 episode "Dagger of the Mind" as a different character.

    • According to Roy Jenson (Cloud William), while filming this episode, his young son had accidentally swallowed a key to one of his toys. The boy was hospitalized to allow the doctors to determine whether he could pass the key naturally or would require surgery to have it removed. So when not on the set shooting his scenes, Jenson was at the hospital rehearsing his lines with his wife and monitoring his son's condition.

    • This episode was one of three (including "Mudd's Women" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before") considered for use as the show's "2nd pilot". "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was eventually selected as the one to go into production and "Mudd's Women" soon followed. The script for "The Omega Glory" was shelved and later resurrected, rewritten, and rejected twice more before it was finally filmed and aired.

    • Desilu No: 5149-54.

    • An announcement by NBC that Star Trek has been renewed for a third season by the network was transmitted over the end credits of this episode.

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