Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 21

The Return of the Archons

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1967 on NBC

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  • Religous Zealots take heed!

    This might be my most watched episode because I've spent a good part of my life around religious folks and I just *love* the metaphors and comparisons. I also think there may have been a wink towards 1960s drinking culture there as well; l but I can't really prove that... I also can't prove that this wasn't Roddenberry's cheap shot at communism but I never saw the connection until I read a few here. Communism just doesn't rule you like Landrew or (hypothetically for example) the Muslum or Christian religions might aspire to.

    Message: why do you keep doing the same rituals (festival?!) when you know they're self destructive and archaic. Archaic? Archon? Huh!

    Landrew and his followers remind me a lot of my religious contemporaries who are believing in something even less provable. Hey, Landrew *shows up* once in a while!!!

    Of course, the idea of direct resistance to authority was PARAMOUNT to the 1960s..."it seems you simply misunderstood our command - you will come!" - in the 1960s you said "no" for the first time to these guys!

    The opening act ending where Sulu nearly looks into the camera and slowly utters "Paradise!" is one of my very favorite in all of TOS. But another time capsule moment where we wonder today: so without any other data - what the hell would be wrong if Sulu DID think he saw paradise? Got a problem with that?! A very Jack Web shaking his head kind of moment.

    Anyway, the pull the plug thing at the end and walking away I thought was a little cold - but very Mid 60's conservative I guess.

    All in all a great plot that could NEVER had been said *any other way* back then; except safely in outer space. Could the point be said today on moden day television? Maybe not.


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