Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 22

The Savage Curtain

Aired Unknown Mar 07, 1969 on NBC

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  • Clear foul

    Ok its very late in thrid and final season, however, that is not an excuse for this turkey. First of all kirk pays up to a creature (Abe Lincon)known by all to have been dead for over 300 years, and in any event out of office due to his not receiving the majority of electoral votes, or any electoral votes since 1864. Secondly, much of scrip is recycled from pior shows. Thrid just image you get to fight to the death and to aid you you get a middle age lawyer, and a paficist. Oh Goody. How about asking for young Robert E. Lee, Audie Murphy, or Alivn York. Plus you have tend to agree with evil col. green- let us fight the rock think firstT. After all this plan for World War II and seems to work asd

    Some have said it not turkey due to the lack of red shirt or skirt deaths. I disagree.