Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 9

The Tholian Web

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1968 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Kirk: How'd you two get along without me?
      McCoy: Oh, we managed. Mr. Spock gave the orders, and I found the answers.
      Kirk: Good. No problems between you?
      Spock: None worth reporting, Captain.
      Kirk: Try me.
      Spock: Ummm, only such minor disturbances, as are inevitable when humans are involved.
      Kirk: Which humans, Mr. Spock?
      McCoy: What he means that when humans become involved with Vulcans, Jim.
      Kirk: Ah, yes. I understand. Well, I hope my last orders were helpful in solving any problems that you don't feel worth reporting.
      Spock: Orders, Captain?
      McCoy: What orders are you referring to, Jim?
      Kirk: My last orders. The last orders that I left for both... for both of you. The last taped orders.
      McCoy: Oh, those orders. Well, there wasn't time. We never had a chance to listen to them.
      Spock: No. You see, the crisis was upon us, and then passed so quickly, Captain, that we...
      Kirk: Good. Good. Well, I hope we won't have similar opportunities to test those orders... which you never heard.