Star Trek

Season 2 Episode 15

The Trouble With Tribbles

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1967 on NBC

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  • Tribble Disaster

    This episode was for it's time revolutionary because for the first time in not just showed how comidy and sci-fi can be a beautiful mixture but also helped bring the disaster film genere to sci-fi. And this episode has the feel of a disaster film but done right.

    I always loved those Tribbles they were always such cute inocent alien hamster like creatures, the fur and that soothing bird like sound. Only problem is they multiply faster than the Gremlins on "Gremlins"; and everyone is in a heap of trouble. And it's just great seeing how it just gives the main characters a lot of grief. Mainly Kirk who is just completely bemused. I just laughed my head off when Kirk accidently sat on a Tribble or took a Tribble out of Checkov's hand (as if it would really do much good since there are others on his concole), down to the scene when Kirk opens a storage door and Tribbles just come pooring out onto his head. And of course there are a lot of memorable quotes which are clever. Even some intergalatic politics which beautifully intermix with the situation and the tribbles do serve as a plot device. Plus the fight scene with the Klingons at the bar was exciting, funny, but most of all like this episode priceless.
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