Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 20

The Way to Eden

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1969 on NBC

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  • Trek runs the voodoo down, man!

    This episode isn't actually as bad as it first seems, though it's by no means classic Trek. By the time it was aired, Woodstock was a few months away and the counter-culture had had three or four years of Grateful Dead/Jefferson Airplane-style cosmic rock. It was only a matter of time before the influence of this music (and the lifestyles associated with it) was reflected on the bridge of the Enterprise. The interesting story aspect for me was Spock's curious empathy with the hippies - a facet of his character that was later revisited in Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home. Lunatic hippidom would soon become reality with the Manson slayings, of course, and ten years later, Brit Nigel Kneale explored similar thematic territory in his scripts for the final Quatermass story (in which naive hippies chant to be transported "to the planet", away from the disastrous social and environmental problems of Earth). Despite this episode's short-comings, its to the show's credit that the writers foresaw the potential dark side of the counter-culture that was shortly to become front-page headline news.