Star Trek

Season 3 Episode 20

The Way to Eden

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1969 on NBC

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  • You read it right! 9 for 'bottom of the barrel'

    This one shows off the best and worst of Trek in the 60s.

    Best because it wants to show opposing points in an issue without being preachy (hippies who want to get away from the technological society that eats away at them), and best because this one is as hokey as they come!

    Chekov is now a wind-up soldier than a half-rebel.

    For season 3, Spock is surprisingly well handled.

    And I dig the music...

    But given how astute they\'ve been in the past, where are the Romulans? Why do the hippies agree to Doctor Severin\'s goal to murder the crew of the Enterprise?! They seem concerned, but are so spineless they\'ll blindly obey that creep?! Doesn\'t make much for their purported morals... And best of all, Charles Napier with go-go boots on! Although the hair dye was atrocious...

    All in all, the only thing this episode tackles is the hippie crisis of the 1960s. It, much like the hippies, don\'t know what to go do with themselves but sure look and sound nice...

    It\'s so bad it\'s good. I can't deny it's mindless guilty pleasure fun, and the music is so cool I bought the Star Trek complete series soundtrack collection in part because of the music in this episode... not bad for a show that was already considered "garbage fodder" by the not knowing the show had reached their target market since day 1 (the Neilsen rating issue - makes a good web