Star Trek

Season 1 Episode 7

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

Stardate 2712.4: The Enterprise arrives in orbit above the frigid Exo-III, looking for a lost archaeological party led by Dr. Roger Korby. Nurse Christine Chapel, Brown's fiancée, is on the bridge and they finally receive a signal from Korby. Korby asks that Kirk beam down on his own to see some amazing discoveries. Kirk insists on bringing down Chapel, and Korby is clearly glad to have her there. They beam down into a chamber leading into the cave systems but Korby isn't there for them. Kirk orders two security guards, Rayburn and Matthews, to come down. Kirk and Chapel go into the caverns along with Matthews while Rayburn stands watch. They almost fall into a bottomless chasm and then a light comes on, silhouetting a figure. Chapel recognizes him as Dr. Brown, but a scream rings out and Kirk and Chapel go back to find that Matthews has fallen to his death. They are unaware of a huge hulking figure slipping away. Kirk calls Rayburn who has nothing to report, and is given orders to call Spock if the captain doesn't check in. As soon as the captain signs off, the same hulking figure kills Rayburn. Brown escorts Kirk and Chapel to the research team's quarters and how they found the relics of an ancient civilization. When they arrive in the quarters they are greeted by an attractive young woman, Andrea, who Chapel doesn't remember from Korby's reports. Korby himself arrives and the two lovers share a happy embrace. Kirk tries to contact Rayburn but doesn't get a signal. When he tries to call the ship, Brown draws a phaser and Korby assures Chapel the captain won't be harmed. Andrea tries to take Kirk's phaser but he uses her as a shield to get to cover, then shoots Brown. The giant figure comes in and disarms Kirk, while it becomes clear that Brown is a robot, "killed" by Kirk's phaser. Spock receives a message from Kirk assuring him that he's okay and will help Korby send up some of his discoveries. In reality "Kirk" is the giant figure, an android named Ruk, impersonating Kirk's voice. Korby begs Kirk for time to explain to him what is going on. Ruk demonstrates his ability to mimic any voice, including Christine, and Korby tells the android not to mock Christine. Kirk taunts Korby into ordering Ruk not to harm Chapel as well. Ruk identifies himself as an android created by the "Old Ones." Kirk tries to make a break for it but Ruk easily stops him. Meanwhile, Andrea goes to see Christine, who isn't happy, and Korby brings Kirk in to see her. He explains that Andrea is also an android and puts it through its paces to demonstrate its an unfeeling machine, first kissing then slapping the captain. Korby takes Christine to the duplication chamber, where Kirk has already been strapped in. A green humanlike shape is placed on the other side and after duplication, a perfect physical replica is made. Korby then prepares to begin the mental duplication and Kirk, realizing what's going on, focuses on thinking of Spock as an insubordinate half-breed. Christine is taken to dinner and Kirk comes in to meet with her. Chapel tries to conspire with Kirk only for him to reveal that he's the duplicate. The real Kirk is brought in as a prisoner and he spars with his double over their knowledge and weaknesses. The android's memories of Kirk's life are perfect. Korby explains that he can do a complete personality transfer, giving mankind immortality. Kirk isn't impressed with Korby's desire to relieve mankind of suffering. Kirk slowly unties a rope from a chair while Korby asks him to deliver them to a planet where they can secretly start producing androids. The captain uses the rope to choke Korby and back out of the chamber, holding off Ruk. Kirk takes off into the chambers and Korby orders Ruk to go after him. They two play a game of cat-and-mouse in the caverns while Christine goes after them, fearing for Kirk's life. Ruk impersonates Chapel's voice and Kirk responds, letting the android home in on him. Kirk is knocked into the abyss and hangs onto the edge while Ruk looks on for a few seconds… then pulls him up to safety. Aboard the Enterprise, the android Kirk arrives and Spock confronts him. Kirk snaps at him, calling him a half-breed but then returning to casual conversation before returning to the planet's surface with their travel itinerary. While the duplicate Kirk and Korby find a suitable planet, Andrea visits the real Kirk and kisses her. This upsets her programming and she leaves. Kirk confronts Ruk and points out that his creators were just as unpredictable and shut him and the others down. Ruk destroyed them and realizes that Korby and the others will cause the same confusion. Korby and Chapel arrive and Ruk goes after them, and Korby is forced to disintegrate him. Korby takes him to another room and after a brief struggle, the doctor's hand is trapped in a door, revealing… mechanical parts. Korby explains that he was freezing to death and was forced to transfer his mind into a duplicate android body to survive. Christine is shocked, and they're interrupted when they detect someone in the outer junction. Korby sends Andrea to investigate and she encounters the android Kirk. She tries to kiss him and when he refuses, she disintegrates him and goes to tell Korby. Kirk points out that Korby's flawless androids are anything but and the doctor starts to lose it, becoming more mechanical. He appeals to Christine and Kirk asks him to give up his weapon to prove his humanity. Korby does so but Andrea refuses then kisses Korby, as it becomes clear what her function has been over the years. She then talks of loving him and fires the phaser at close range, disintegrating them both. Spock and a security party arrive but there's nothing to find and Kirk simply notes that Dr. Kirby… was never there. Later as the Enterprise leaves orbit, Christine says she'll be staying onboard as a nurse. And Spock gives Kirk a hard time about using a term like half-breed, and the captain apologizes… sort of.
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